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Callwehappiness - j'envoie valser, from his first name ๐‘จ๐’๐’Š๐’™ is a influencer Instagram based in France, specializing in clothing, fashion, shoes, handbags and accessories. With 28,000 followers and over 1,200 posts and videos, as well as an impressive average of 812 interactions per publication, making it one of the fashion influencers on Instagram!

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Durable, washable shoes

Vivaia is a brand which is firmly committed to the production of shoes that are both elegant and sustainable. With a vision of environmental responsibility from start to finish, Vivaia uses eco-friendly materials from natural sources, complemented by high-quality accents. Take advantage of the Vivaia promo code Callwehappiness!

Every pair of shoes produced by Vivaia contributes to reducing waste in landfills, while offering seductive aesthetics and remarkable comfort to those who wear them. The website is a reflection of this commitment. commitment to quality and innovation. It offers a rigorous selection of brands trendsThese brands are appreciated for their superior quality and recognized for their originality. As the seasons change, the catalog is enriched, featuring well-known brands as well as exciting new discoveries from confidential and creative brands.

Since its inception, Vivaia has focused on quality, whether in terms of design, exclusive selections, brands or products made of leather and/or manufactured in Europe. Offering the most competitive prices on the market, VIVAIA frees its customers from the dilemma between quality and price. The main objective is to put pleasure back at the heart of the shoe-buying experience. It invites its customers to collect products according to trends, outfits, seasons or desires, while giving them access to quality products without compromising their purchasing power.

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