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Founded in 2003 by Julian Dunkerton and James Holder, Superdry is a British ready-to-wear brand distinguished by its unique blend of American and Japanese graphic influences, while retaining an authentic British touch. The brand is renowned for the quality of its textiles, distinctive graphics and customized cuts.

Headquartered in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Superdry quickly expanded its global presence. Today, it has 515 stores in 46 countries, offering its young clientele quality products at affordable prices. The website guarantees a secure online shopping experience, complemented by reliable customer service. Take advantage of the Superdry Promo Code with Looknatamelie.

Superdry is more than just a clothing brand; it represents a cultural fusion of quality and style, and has established itself as an icon of international fashion.

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Promo Code Superdry Looknatamelie : AMELIE
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Looknatamelie (Amélie): A Passionate and Authentic Influencer

Amélie, better known under the pseudonym Looknatamelie, is a influencer dynamic beauty from Laval. Since the launch of her YouTube channel in November 2009, she has become one of the most followed French beauty youtubers. With a gentle, feminine approach, she offers her community make-up tutorials, from the simple to the sophisticated, as well as chic, easy-to-make hairstyles. Her style, reminiscent of Charlize Theron, and her boudoir atmosphere have won the hearts of many women, from make-up enthusiasts to moms looking to reconnect with their femininity.

What sets Amélie apart is her authenticity. She openly shares her moods, inspirations and looks on her blogalways hoping to inspire and surprise her loyal subscribers. Her family, whom she affectionately calls "my sweets", are the pillars of her life, supporting and encouraging her in every project. Despite her success, she remains a genuine person, confessing to being eternally dissatisfied and demanding, but always with a touch of humor. We recommend the Superdry Promo Code from Looknatamelie!

Beyond its chain YouTubeAmélie is also active on her website Here she shares more intimate moments, such as the indescribable joy of motherhood, saying that the birth of her children children even surpasses the happiness of her marriage. With an obvious passion for life and a determination to keep it real, Looknatamelie continues to inspire and touch thousands of people around the world.


Promo Code Superdry Looknatamelie : AMELIE
-15% on the entire site with no minimum purchase required