Could you introduce yourself in a few lines so that our readers can get to know you?

My name is Claire Latour i'm 21 and i'm a fashion blogger. I've always had a passion for fashion. As for my style, I don't have one in particular! From rock to grunge, casual to 90s, I'll indulge myself in anything crazy. And that's exactly what I love about fashion: the ability to constantly reinvent myself. On my blog, I share my latest fashion finds, with pieces suitable for small budgets.

What made you decide to open your blog "Claire Latour"?

When I was in high school, I had a very successful blog on cosmetics. Unfortunately, with my studies I had to slow down and then stop because I couldn't keep up the same editorial line. I decided to start a new blog in 2015 because I definitely missed blogging too much!


What are your favorite social networks? Where do you find your inspiration?

Like all bloggers I think, I love Instagram! That's where I'm most active. Instagram is often criticized for embellishing photos and everyday life, but that's exactly what I like. For inspiration, I love to look to Pinterest. I find ideas for decoration, fashion and make-up.

How do you manage your time, between your studies and your passion? (Blog, Social networks...)

I never force myself to follow a publication schedule that's too drastic: I publish at least once a week, but I really don't have the time to publish every day, even though I'd love to! My priority is to finish and pass my Master's 2, but at weekends I always take the opportunity to write my articles and answer my e-mails and comments. It's my little pleasure of the week!

Is there a collaboration that has had a greater impact on you than another, or that you really liked?

I regularly collaborate with Sheinside, an eshop I love because it's perfect for small budgets and you can always find ultra-fashionable pieces. trends But overall, every collaboration I've done so far has been a wonderful discovery!

What would you like to do in the future?

I'd like to set up my own business. For the time being, I'm keeping my project a secret until it has fully germinated in my head and before I take the plunge. I'm on the home straight to pass my Master's in business school, and I can't see any other way but to set up a business! On the blog side, I'd really like to develop a travel & city guide category.

And why not start making videos from time to time for hauls, for example.

What's your biggest dream?

My childhood dream: to create my own collection with pieces that reflect my image! And why not one day make a living from my first passion, my blog!

When was your blog created?

I created my blog in April 2015 so 1 and a half years this month.

Who takes your photos?

Usually it's my boyfriend, but sometimes it's friends or professional photographers.

Do you have any passions?

I'm passionate about fashion, of course! I also love writing, street art and psychology books, which I devour.

Can you recommend a book that you particularly like?

My favorite book is "Sur la route" by Jack Kerouac.


A big thank you to Claire for sharing herself with us today, we wish you all the best, may your projects come to fruition, and keep us posted!

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