Could you introduce yourself in a few lines so that our community can get to know you better?

My name is Cecilia, I'm 21 and I'm self-employed. My job is to customize shoes, and Sneakers in particular. Passionate about art and drawing since I was very young, I've always dreamed of working in this field. As I grew up, I discovered a new passion for Sneakers (mainly), so I decided to combine the two. I've also been passionate about the world of fashion for a few years now, and I share lots of looks on my account Instagram. From streetwear to chic Parisian looks: my style is a blend of many worlds. All styles suit me. 

My Instagram account is based on Fashion and Lifestyle. You'll find photos of looks, decoration, good deals and travel. 

When did you start your social networking activity as a Fashion & Lifestyle influencer?

I started Instagram in 2017. At the time, I had a classic personal account on which I rarely posted. I didn't know anything about Instagram and even less about influencer status.

What triggered you and why did you embark on your social networking adventure with instagram?

When I started out, I posted a lot of drawings and "sports" photos. Without worrying about brightness, quality, color or my feed. That's how I got my first little "community": the 1000-subscriber pillar. 

As stated in my "introduction" I'm passionate about drawing. In 2018, I posted a photo of one of my drawings featuring influencer @Tiboinshape and Goku an animated character from the DragonBallZ series. 

At the time, Tiboinshape had less than 1 million subscribers, but it was already huge. Unsurprisingly, he reposted my photo directly to his Instagram account. This is where it all started. Within hours, I'd gained over 1,000 followers. My drawing was the talk of the town. social networksInstagram, Twitter, Facebook and more Youtube. I had no idea what was going on, even the Youtube platform was unknown to me. 

That's when I started to get interested in Instagram. I was posting more and more. Year after year I discovered the platform. I discovered what it meant to be an influencer.

But it was really in 2019 that it all began. I started to create a feed, better quality photos, an interest in the world of fashion...

How much time do you spend on your articles or videos? Production, editing...? Do you have any organizational tips for other Fashion & Lifestyle influencers?

I spend a great deal of time creating a content qualitative. But the key to success is really to be organized. At the time, I spent an enormous amount of time finding locations for my photos.
With my little experience, I've learned to save time. It doesn't matter what I'm out and about for, whether I'm going shopping, for a walk, to a business appointment or to the doctor. I'm constantly looking around to find interesting spots for my Instagram photos. It's become a habit for me and I save a lot of time. That's the first step.

2nd step: choosing the pose, facial expression, etc...
It's not easy to find a photo that looks good enough to show to thousands of people. However, it's important to know that there's work behind every one of them. 

What I advise, and what many influencers do, is to take as many photos as possible, with every pose and expression imaginable. You have to be creative, imaginative, funny, natural... Even if you sometimes feel "a bit silly". That's how you'll discover yourself and find original photos that suit you. Even if there are only 3 photos out of a hundred. The main thing is to be satisfied and find the one that suits you best. 

Step 3: Sorting and retouching.
Sort through the photos you've taken and keep the ones you like. It takes time, but it's worth it. As for retouching, I personally don't use filters on my photos. I did for a while. Today, I retouch light tones, color intensity, etc... For this, I use the VSCO and Snapseed applications. 

To manage my Instagram feed, I mainly use the UNUM application, which lets you visualize in advance what your Instagram account will look like, so you can position your photos as you see fit.

Make something that represents you!

What a community and audience are you targeting?

I don't target any particular audience: men or women, sports fans, fashion fans, motorcycle fans, etc. Everyone is welcome. The main thing is that all these people are respectful and tolerant. 

Where do you find most of your inspiration? And which social networks do you use most?

I find my inspiration mainly on Instagram by following girls who inspire me a lot like @jodielapetitefrenchie , @cindydslv or even @blvckd0pe. 

What was your strategy for developing your Instagram community?

There's no secret. Time! It takes a lot of time to develop an account. Once again, I drew a lot of inspiration from well-known accounts.

I'd say that to develop your own community, you need to have an account based on a particular area or theme. For example, my account is based on fashion and lifestyle. Avoid trying to do too much, and don't try to talk about an area you're not familiar with. 

You also need to take the time to make quality Posts and Storys, which must not only be interesting, but also visually appealing. 

How do you manage your time, between your family, your work and your social networks? Do you have a job or other activity besides your work as a Fashion & Lifestyle influencer?

I'm currently self-employed, which means I can manage my own hours. When it comes to working on shoes, I also do customization. This allows me to work on both at the same time. I have a schedule that I update regularly. My friends and family are aware of my current status and are very understanding, often offering to help me. My main photographer is my Mum, I spend a lot of time with her, and she takes a lot of pleasure in it. I have to say that's a huge advantage for me. 

Do you produce your own visuals and photos? And if so, what equipment do you use?

My photos are absolutely all taken by my phone (Iphone XR). Sometimes I manage to take my own photos. But usually, as I said before, my photographer is my mom. 

What are your 3 tips for someone just starting out on Instagram?

  • Stay true to yourself: you can be inspired, but don't try to copy. If something you copy doesn't suit you, you'll feel it.
  • Enjoy yourself! Don't force yourself, do it for yourself and not for others! Share what YOU like. And don't hesitate to use humor sometimes. Don't try to be too serious. It's all about sharing and having fun. 
  • Try new things! If you have an idea for a photo, an outfit or a totally different post, DO IT! New things attract! 

What would you like to undertake or develop next in your life as a Fashion & Lifestyle influencer?

Obviously, I'd like to offer more qualitative content. I'd also like to develop my customization business through social networks and share more on my account. I'd love, more than anything, to succeed as an influencer, to keep sharing and having fun. 

What do you think makes a successful collaboration proposal?

In my opinion, a successful collaboration proposal is one whose voice is similar to what I convey on my account. A successful proposal is also a "win-win" proposal. Rewarding people's time and expertise influencers

What's more, it's preferable when brands ensure transparency and transparency.authenticity of their product, to avoid and limit future problems. In my opinion, these are the key points for a successful collaboration proposal



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