As a Influencer or youtuber and blogger, You're in daily demand from brands, whether to relay campaigns, write articles or test products, and you often ask us about the declaration of your remuneration and the status of auto-entrepreneur in your case. Here's some information that might help:


Auto entrepreneur status

Created in 2008, this self-employed status is still in use today. a blogger favorite. It was created to encourage business start-ups in France, and above all to ensure that the business develops sufficiently to be sustainable. The principle is simple: you only pay charges when you generate sales. If you don't make any money in a month, you pay nothing.

Sales for service activities are currently capped at €32,900, As an influencer or blogger, you are neither a merchant nor a craftsman, so you don't need to register with the "Registre des Métiers" or the "Registre des Commerces & Sociétés".


There are two ways to register

Once you have registered, you will receive a SIRET number. Thanks to this, you'll be able not only to issue invoices to your customers, but also to declare your income, which will enable you to be in full compliance with French law.

I'm also going to answer a frequently asked question: you can start issuing invoices while you're waiting to receive your SIRET number. Simply indicate "Pending registration" on your invoice.

Whether you are registered with us or not, it is very possible that you will make partnerships without financial consideration. In this case, you don't necessarily have to declare your auto-entrepreneur status.

What's more, if your partnerships only involve occasional remuneration, you should know that the government is working on a threshold below which income received would not be taxable


Why declare your income?

Whether it's for €50 or €500, it's important that you declare your income. According to article 1728 of the French General Tax Code, a taxpayer who fails to declare part of his or her income is liable to the following penalties 80% tax increase in the event of discovery.

The auto entrepreneur status can be frightening, but it is actually very simple, and Urssaf will be your best ally in answering all your questions.


On the activity declaration page

The administration advises choosing the "Internet" domain and specifying the nature of this activity as follows " bprofessional logger", a status that brings together influencers, youtubers, twittos and facebookers.

By selecting this type of activity, you will automatically be classified as a self-employed person under the CIPAV for the old-age pension scheme.

If you are eligible, here is the form to download and fill in >>. cerfa n°13584*02.