This January we present our top lifestyle influencers on instagram!

The lifestyle sector is clearly a niche market for influencers on the most popular social networksbut also the most inspiring for many. Lifestyle influencers on instagram are a wide universe, there's clearly something for everyone, in fact 55 % of consumers who buy products are influenced by a post on Instagram. 

Discover our top influencers lifestyle on instagram must-haves to follow this month!

Nelloux influencer but she is also passionate about cooking and sport, and is based in Grenoble with her family. 354 publications, it is followed by 60k followers on instagram !

Top instagram lifestyle influencers January


Lorine Thiery is a lifestyle influencer on instagram but she's also passionate about fashion between Nice and Porto-Vecchio, with her 239 publications, it is followed by 27k subscribers!

Top instagram lifestyle influencers January


Gina B is also a lifestyle influencer, she defines herself as an audacious epicurean in Paris, with her 590 publications it is followed by 19k followers on instagram!

Top instagram lifestyle influencers January

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