Whether in fashion, gastronomy, the art of living or even DIY, the influencers in Strasbourg are ambassadors for a lifestyle that's both authentic and avant-garde.

With a thriving digital scene, Strasbourg, the European capital and beating heart of Alsace, stands out for the diversity and talent of its influencers.

In 2023, these web personalities have become essential references for those seeking inspiration on the latest trends or discovering the hidden facets of the Alsatian metropolis. Strasbourg, renowned for its cultural dynamism and historical heritage, is one of the top 10 most popular French cities on social networks. The picturesque Petite France district, with its canals and half-timbered houses, is even one of the most photographed and shared places in France.

Our selection of the TOP influencers in Strasbourg in 2023 reflects this richness. We've scoured the networks in search of the most followed profiles, the ones who make news feeds vibrate and generate engagement. Our ranking offers a panorama of the most emblematic figures in Strasbourg's digital sphere. With their style and originality, these influencers are true sources of inspiration for their followers, whom they guide on a daily basis through the city's historic lanes and trendiest spots. They are the icons of a connected generation, eager to appropriate new trends and adapt them to the local context.

When you browse the accounts of the TOP influencers in Strasbourg, you'll discover a city on the move, proud of its heritage and resolutely looking to the future. They offer their followers a 360-degree vision of the city, blending tradition and innovation, heritage and contemporary creation. Follow them to keep up with the times, to unearth overlooked gems or simply to appreciate Strasbourg's beauty in a new light.

Here are our top influencers to follow in Strasbourg

Top Lifestyle Influencers

Sarah L'Exploratrice (@sarahlexploratrice)

Sarah is a lifestyle blogger who shares her adventures in Strasbourg and beyond. From local gastronomy to mountain escapades, she offers her followers an authentic vision of life in Alsace.

Alex escalin (@alex_escalin)

Alex is a youtuber which has a community of 185k subscribers on YouTube and 1.7 million subscribers on TikTok. It covers a wide range of random topics, from fun facts to humorous videos.

Céline (@be.celine)

Céline is a lifestyle influencer from Strasbourg followed by over 353k people on TikTok. On her account, she mainly makes videos with her boyfriend Alex Escalin. She likes to make pranks for him and film scenes with him.

Maurice Style (@mauricestyle)

The 25-year-old blogger has 23,000 followers on Instagram. He shares his passion for men's fashion and men's beauty products. He wants to inspire his community to find their own style and take care of themselves.

My Sweet Cactus (@mysweetcactus)

Top influencers in Strasbourg

My Sweet Cactus (source @mysweetcactus)

Léa Marie, the creator of this blog, has over 22,000 followers on Instagram. She shares her favorites, tips and good addresses. Her sleek style and active presence on social networks make her an influencer to follow.

Each of these influencers brings a unique touch to the Alsatian scene, whether in fashion, lifestyle, gastronomy or local culture.

Flora K (@flooraa.k)

Top influencers in Strasbourg

Flora K (source @flooraa.k)

Flora is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer. She has over 32k followers on Instagram. Also active on Youtube and TikTok, she mainly publishes vlogs, hauls and storytimes. A mother of two, Flora also occasionally shares photos and anecdotes from her family life.

Top DIY Influencers

Kelly Cruz (@kellycz67)

Top influencers in Strasbourg

Kelly Cruz (source @kellycz67)

Kelly Cruz is a tiler turned influencer in the building industry thanks to her tutorials on TikTok and YouTube, where she shares her know-how in tile and earthenware installation. She offers practical and technical advice, while collaborating with renovation brands such as Bricommerce and Batiweb. A tiler by trade, she shares her creations on TikTok and offers advice for those wishing to reproduce her projects. She has over 1.6 million subscribers on her TikTok account.

Her popularity on social networks began two years ago and has enabled her to become a reference point for renovation professionals and enthusiasts alike. Authentic and passionate, Kelly stands out for her ability to explain complex techniques simply, and for her dynamic, approachable personality. Her entertaining and educational videos make her a source of inspiration for anyone interested in renovating their home. Kelly Cruz is proof that technical expertise combined with a good online communications strategy can turn a passion into an influential and successful career.

Top Food Influencers

Sandra Thomann (@Cuisineaddict)

Top influencers in Strasbourg

Sandra Thomann (source @Cuisineaddict)

Sandra is a food influencer based in Strasbourg. She shares practical, gourmet recipes with her community of 114k followers on Instagram. She also specializes in batch cooking.

La Routine (@laroutineyt)

Alexandre is a youtuber from Strasbourg who has two channels with very different concepts. On his La Routine channel, he talks about fashion and sneakers, while on Le Routin, he transforms himself into a influencer food and shares tasting videos with its community.

Top Culture and Travel Influencers

Benjamin Klein (@simba.qs)

Benjamin, known as Simba.QS on TikTok, has a community of 3.5 million subscribers. He asks passers-by general knowledge questions and proposes challenges, creating moments of sharing.

Kapoué (@jacktyphus)

Julien Renouf, a blogger from Strasbourg, is a leading figure in Alsace. He shares his good tips, his opinions on restaurants, bars and films, and takes portraits of Strasbourg guests. He is particularly appreciated for his way of talking about current events in his region.

Une Fille en Alsace (@unefillenalsace)

Céline is a young Alsatian with a passion for her region. On her blog and YouTube channel, she shares her escapades, good addresses and moods. With over 2,500 followers on Instagram, she's gaining notoriety. She recently highlighted the sled dog experience at Ballon d'Alsace.

Top Art Influencers

Bruno Graffer (@brunograffer)

Bruno is an artist who shares his creations on TikTok. He creates colorful and original works and has a community of 3.2 million members.subscribers on TikTok.

Bruno Graffer is a street art artist recognized for his influence on TikTok since 2019. He uses urban space as a canvas to express his vision of freedom, often with humor and provocation. His sometimes controversial works stimulate public debate and reflect his commitment to free, uncensored artistic expression. Despite the risk of vandalism, Bruno remains true to his philosophy: to create for pleasure and share his art spontaneously with the world.

Top Family Influencers

Audrey, Lana & Kira (@lana.kiramonamour)

Audrey is a mom influencer with over 19k followers on Instagram. She shares her daily life as a mom and moments spent with her two daughters, Lana and Kira.

Top influencers in Strasbourg

Audrey, Lana & Kira (source @lana.kiramonamour)

Cécile (@monjolicoton)

Cécile is a mom influencer with over 8k followers on Instagram. She shares her daily life and that of her two daughters Émilie and Margot with her community. Her account is filled with touching family moments.

Top Beauty Influencers

Marylou Jung (@marylouleloup)

Top influencers in Strasbourg

Marylou Jung (source @marylouleloup)

Marylou is a beauty influencer who lives in Mulhouse. She gathers a community of 2.5 million subscribers on TikTok and 694k on Instagram. She shares with her followers her makeups and the products she uses, tests and recommends.

Marylou Jung, better known under the pseudonym "Marylouleloup", is a young woman from Alsace who has conquered social networks with her beauty tutorials. At just 18 years of age, she juggled her studies, which she pursued at home, with her career as an influencer, an activity that has earned her a sizeable community of subscribers on TikTok. Her growing popularity is attracting the attention of brands for partnerships. Despite the challenges, including the harassment she endured in high school, Marylou remains smiling and determined, even preparing to set up her own business.

Binoculars in Strasbourg (@jumellesastrasbourg)

Marie and Charlotte are 26-year-old twin sisters who blog about beauty, good deals, travel and looks. They have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award, which aims to highlight the community's favorite blogs.


In conclusion, the Top Influencer scene in Strasbourg is as diverse as the city itself. Whatever your interests, you're sure to find a Strasbourg influencer to inspire you.

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