Discover the top 5 influencers in Dubai in 2023, emblematic figures who are redefining trends on social networks.

At the heart of Dubai, a metropolis bubbling with innovation and diversity, stand out five personalities whose influence on social networks is shaping current trends. This article introduces you to Dubai's five must-see influencers of 2023, and plunges you into the captivating world of digital influence. You'll discover iconic figures with diverse backgrounds, ranging from beauty expertise to social activism, each making their own unique contribution to Dubai's vibrant influencer scene. Through their engaging content and landmark collaborations, these influencers offer a window onto the many facets of life in this cosmopolitan city, inviting you to explore the trends, cultures and experiences that make it so special.

Introducing the 5 key influencers in Dubai

Dubai, a fusion of modernity and tradition, is also home to a dynamic and diverse influencer scene. Today, the impact of influencers on people's consumers is undeniable, especially in a cosmopolitan metropolis like Dubai. Let's explore five emblematic figures who have made their mark on Dubai's digital world.

The selection of these influencers is based on several criteria, including their popularity, their commitment to their communities, the diversity of their content and their ability to influence current trends. These criteria ensure a varied and relevant representation of the influential landscape in Dubai.

Thanks to their innovative and engaging content, these influencers have succeeded in building impressive online communities, becoming benchmarks in their respective fields. Their voices are heard far and wide on social networks, having a significant impact on consumer trends and habits.

Their influence extends far beyond the promotion of products or services. brands. By getting involved in various social causes or offering an authentic glimpse into their lives, these influencers are helping to create a more inclusive and inspiring online space.

Abdu Rozik


Abdu Rozik is an inspirational figure from Tajikistan, a landlocked Central Asian country renowned for its majestic mountains and rich culture. Born into a difficult situation, Abdu was confronted from an early age with a handicap that could have held back his ambitions. However, far from giving up, he turned this challenge into a source of motivation and inspiration.

His meeting with rapper Behruz marked a major turning point in his life. Behruz, recognizing Abdu's unique talent, decided to take him under his wing, offering him a platform to express his art and reach a wider audience. The collaboration proved fruitful, opening the doors to Abdu's promising career.

Abdu Rozik's rise to fame has been meteoric. Thanks to his perseverance and undeniable talent, he quickly gained popularity, not only in his native country but also internationally. His television appearances have captivated millions of viewers, enabling him to forge an authentic bond with his audience. On social networks, his presence has become inescapable, attracting a loyal and engaged community, seduced by his engaging personality and touching music.

Beyond his musical journey, Abdu Rozik has become a symbol of resilience and optimism. His story inspires people around the world to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams, no matter what the challenges. Abdu Rozik embodies the idea that, with determination and passion, nothing is insurmountable.

Presence and performance on social networks

With over 8.35 million followers on Instagram, Abdu inspires his community daily with his unique journey and infectious energy. His high engagement rate testifies to the genuine interest his fan base takes in his content.

Major collaborations and partnerships

Abdu Rozik has worked with renowned brands such as Realme Tech and Fairplay India, illustrating his ability to establish partnerships while remaining true to its image.

Unique contribution to Dubai's influential scene

In spite of his young age and unconventional background, Abdu Rozik brings a freshness and a authenticity to Dubai's ecosystem of influence. Her personal story inspires and motivates her community.



Lebanese-born Mounir is an internationally renowned hairstylist who has captured the world's attention with his exceptional talent in the art of hair transformation. His passion for hairstyling, combined with boundless creativity, has enabled him to distinguish himself in a field where innovation and originality are paramount.

His journey began in his native Lebanon, where from an early age Mounir showed a keen interest in hairdressing and beauty. Driven by a burning desire to explore this world, he embarked on a journey of discovery, learning and perfecting his art. His determination and hard work soon paid off, enabling him to acquire an impressive mastery of hairdressing techniques.

It was on social networks that Mounir really began to shine. Sharing videos of his spectacular hair transformations, he attracts the attention of millions of users, fascinated by his ability to metamorphose his clients' appearance with uncommon precision and originality. Each publication goes viral, propelling Mounir to celebrity status on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Her signature? Bold look changes and innovative coloring techniques that reflect not only his expertise but also his unique artistic vision. Mounir doesn't just follow trends; he creates them, influencing the hairdressing industry far beyond his country's borders.

Over the years, Mounir has built a strong brand his own personal style, becoming a source of inspiration for many industry professionals. He is regularly invited to participate in seminars, workshops and hairdressing shows around the world, sharing his passion and expertise with aspiring and established hairdressers.

Beyond his talent for hairstyling, Mounir is also known for his ability to listen and understand his clients' desires, offering them not only a physical transformation but also a dose of self-confidence. His personalized approach and attention to detail make every visit a unique and memorable experience.

Mounir's story is one of a relentless quest for excellence, a passion turned into a profession, and a dream turned into reality. It perfectly illustrates how determination, combined with innate talent, can lead to worldwide success in the art of hair transformation.

Influence in beauty and fashion

Mounir regales his 7.99 million subscribers with avant-garde creations, sharing his techniques and passion for hairstyling. His mastery and talent place him at the heart of beauty and fashion trends.

Community involvement and interaction

Despite his impressive subscriber base, Mounir maintains a close relationship with his community, responding to comments and sharing personalized advice.

Key collaborations

Mounir's collaborations with beauty and hair brands have reinforced his status as one of Dubai's key influencers. Each partnership is an opportunity for him to demonstrate his unique expertise.

Huda Kattan


Huda Kattan is a name that resonates strongly in the world of beauty. Born in the United States to parents of Iraqi origin, Huda has followed a path that has taken her from financier to one of the most influential and recognized entrepreneurs in the cosmetics industry. Today, her brand, Huda Beauty, is synonymous with innovation, quality and accessibility in the beauty industry.

Huda's entrepreneurial journey began after she left a promising career in finance to pursue her passion for make-up. Armed with a cosmetology degree acquired in Los Angeles, she began to make a name for herself as a beauty blogger and professional make-up artist. Her blog, launched in 2010, quickly became a reference for millions of women looking for make-up tips, tricks and tutorials.

It was in 2013 that Huda decided to take the decisive step of launching her own cosmetics line, Huda Beauty. Her first product, a range of false eyelashes sold exclusively at Sephora in Dubai, was an instant success, propelled by a helping hand from celebrity Kim Kardashian, who wore and praised them. This recognition not only validated the quality of her products, but also marked the beginning of Huda Beauty's meteoric rise.

Since then, Huda Kattan has expanded its product range to include everything from eyeshadow palettes, foundations and liquid lipsticks, to skincare products launched under the WISHFUL brand. Her ability to anticipate the needs and desires of her consumers, combined with a skilful use of social media to engage its community, has enabled Huda Beauty to become a leading cosmetics brand, with a presence in hundreds of stores worldwide.

Huda Kattan stands out not only for her business acumen, but also for her commitment to women's empowerment. She uses her platform to encourage her subscribers to embrace their individuality, experiment with their appearance and challenge traditional beauty standards. Her philosophy is based on the belief that make-up is a tool for self-expression, rather than simply a cover for imperfections.

Huda Kattan's story is one of bold transformation: from beauty blogger to global cosmetics mogul. She embodies entrepreneurial spirit, passion for beauty and the importance of building a strong personal brand. Her success inspires millions to follow their dreams and believe in their potential to change the world, one beauty product at a time.

Creation and development of Huda Beauty

The Huda Beauty brand is the result of Huda's expertise and passion for beauty. With over 140 products, she has revolutionized the world of cosmetics.

Impact in the beauty industry

Huda influences beauty trends not only in Dubai, but worldwide. Her products and make-up tips have become references for millions of people.

Social networking strategies

With almost 2.84 million followers on Instagram, Huda Kattan skilfully uses social networks to promote her brand, communicate directly with her fans and share her beauty tips.

Khalid Al Ameri


Khalid Al Ameri, a native of the United Arab Emirates, has established himself as a key figure on social networks thanks to his videos, which are both humorous and imbued with familial warmth. With disarming authenticity and a sense of humor that transcends cultures, Khalid shares moments from his daily life, offering his followers a glimpse of life in the Emirates while breaking stereotypes about the Arab world.

Before becoming a social networking sensation, Khalid followed a diverse educational and professional path, which enriched his perspective on the world. After graduating from university, he worked in various sectors before realizing that his true passion lay in creating content that touches and inspires people around the world.

What sets Khalid apart is his ability to tackle important social issues with tact and humor. Whether dealing with education, marriage, parenthood or social integration, his videos reveal a deep commitment to social causes, which has earned him a loyal and diverse audience, as well as international recognition. His work not only entertains, but also aims to educate and provoke thought in his viewers, encouraging them to see beyond their prejudices and embrace the common humanity that unites us all.

Khalid Al Ameri is not alone in his adventure; his family plays a central role in his videos, offering a sincere and touching depiction of family life in the Gulf. His wife, Salama Mohamed, and their children regularly participate in his creations, making his works all the more relatable and appreciated. This family collaboration highlights the values of love, respect and unity, conveying a positive message that resonates far beyond Emirati borders.

Beyond his success on social networks, Khalid Al Ameri is also a motivational speaker and ambassador for various charitable and educational initiatives. Through his commitment, he demonstrates the importance of influencers' social responsibility and the positive impact they can have on society.

Khalid Al Ameri's story is a testament to how passion, authenticity and a commitment to social good can transform lives and inspire entire communities across the globe. His journey perfectly illustrates the power of digital communication as a tool for positive change and for bringing people together.

Humorous, family-friendly content

Khalid captivates his community of 2.68 million followers with his authenticity and humor. He tackles everyday subjects that resonate with a wide audience.

Commitment to social causes

Beyond humor, Khalid uses his platform to raise awareness for humanitarian causes, highlighting the stories of people in need around the world.

International scope and collaborations

Khalid's collaborations with brands such as Disney+, Oreo and Lenovo demonstrate the extent of his influence and his ability to reach a global audience.

Danae Mercer


Danae Mercer is an iconic figure in the world of journalism and health & wellness, whose professional career has been marked by an unwavering commitment to female empowerment and self-acceptance. A former editor-in-chief of Women's Health magazine in the Middle East, Danae has used her platform and expertise to raise awareness of the importance of health, wellness and self-confidence.

Her transition to body-positive activist is the result of both personal and professional awareness. Danae Mercer understood early in her career the devastating impact that unrealistic beauty standards can have on people's mental and physical health. Noticing the often unattainable alterations and demands imposed by the fashion and media industries, she decided to lift the veil on these practices and promote a healthier, more inclusive message.

Using her influence on social networks, Danae openly shares her own struggles with eating disorders and body image, creating a space for dialogue and support for her followers. Her posts range from unretouched photos showing angles and aspects of her body that society often judges, to illuminating comparisons between "Instagrammable" images and reality. By deconstructing the myths around body perfection, Danae encourages her subscribers to embrace their own unique beauty and cultivate a healthier relationship with their bodies.

Beyond her social media activism, Danae Mercer is a regular contributor to leading publications, sharing her expertise on the topics of mental health, self-acceptance and wellness. She also speaks at conferences and workshops, using her voice to educate and inspire a wider audience about the importance of breaking toxic beauty stereotypes.

Danae Mercer embodies resilience and empowerment, proving that it's possible to overcome social pressures and lead a fulfilling life by staying true to yourself. Her work has not only changed the way her subscribers see themselves, but has also contributed to a collective awareness of the need for a more caring and realistic approach to beauty and health.

Body-positive messages

Danae inspires her 2.32 million followers with her message of self-acceptance and self-love, debunking unrealistic beauty standards.

Interacting with your community

Danae establishes an authentic connection with its community, encouraging open discussion on subjects often considered taboo.

Brand collaborations

Its partnerships with health and wellness brands reflect its commitment to promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The impact of influencers in Dubai on brands

In Dubai, influencers play a crucial role in brand visibility, helping to set trends and drive traffic to brand platforms. Their ability to convert followers into loyal customers is a valuable resource for any company looking to extend its reach.

Collaborative strategies between brands and influencers

Successful collaboration depends on selecting influencers whose image and values match those of the brand. Measuring return on investment is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of these partnerships.

Dubai's changing landscape of influence

The influencer landscape in Dubai continues to evolve, with a steadily growing influencer community, the adoption of new platforms and the development of striking social and cultural influence.


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