Perpignan, a sunny city in the heart of the Pyrénées-Orientales, is also fertile ground for the influencer marketing. Explore the untapped potential of the Top 5 influencers in Perpignan to boost your influencer marketing campaigns.

Let's explore the influencer potential of Perpignan, a city rich in culture and history, nestled in the heart of the Pyrénées-Orientales. Companies and brands Local and national brands alike are increasingly recognizing the importance of these digital personalities in increasing their visibility and engaging their audience in an authentic way. With ValueYourNetwork, dive into the heart of influencer strategy in Perpignan, and discover the profiles of five key influencers who are energizing the local digital landscape.

Nas Das: The beating heart of Saint Jacques

Nas Das embodies the voice and soul of Perpignan's Saint Jacques district, setting himself up as a positive role model for local youth. His approach, focused on mentoring and community engagement, resonates particularly well on Snapchat and Instagram, where he has over a million followers. Nas doesn't just document daily life; he initiates concrete actions such as neighborhood clean-up days, rewarding young people's participation with symbolic gifts. This down-to-earth, human approach has enabled him to forge partnerships with brands such as Paramount and G la dalle, proving the effectiveness of a real-world influence.

A collaboration with ValueYourNetwork opens up new perspectives for Nas Das in terms of authentic and committed influencer campaigns, enabling brands to associate themselves with meaningful local initiatives.

Nil Insta : The Authentic Adventurer

Nil, known under the pseudonym Nil Insta, shares with his subscribers the thrills of canyoning and the wild beauty of Argelès. His unscripted approach and authenticity have earned him a solid fan base, with over 935K followers on TikTok and 172K on Instagram. Through her bold interventions and captivating landscapes, Nil perfectly illustrates the appeal of content related to nature and adventure.

ValueYourNetwork recognizes in Nil a unique potential for the brands focused on lifestyle, outdoor and sports equipment, offering an ideal platform for adrenaline-filled, authentic collaborations.

Romain Jeandrot: Adrenalin on Wheels

Romain Jeandrot is no ordinary influencer. A freestyle streetbike rider, he combines a passion for mechanics with a love of risk, capturing the attention of over 113K followers on Instagram. His content, blending technical prowess and safety advice, makes him a leading figure in the world of extreme sport.

With ValueYourNetwork, Romain can broaden his partnership horizons, attracting vehicle, sports equipment and lifestyle brands looking for authentic, dynamic representation.

Mélanie Mum: The Voice of Modern Families

Mélanie Mum stands out as a "mumfluencer", sharing her experience of motherhood with touching transparency. Her practical advice, family travels and vision of parenthood resonate with her 102K followers on Instagram. Her ability to create relatable content makes her a partner of choice for family, health and wellness-related brands.

ValueYourNetwork facilitates Mélanie's access to meaningful collaborations, enabling brands to connect authentically with modern families through shared values.

Laurette: La Confidente Beauté

With nearly 100K followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel followed by hundreds of thousands, Laurette is establishing herself as a benchmark for beauty and well-being. Her sincere, unfiltered approach appeals to a wide audience, eager for authentic beauty advice and discussions on important life topics.

Thanks to ValueYourNetwork, Laurette can explore new collaborations with beauty and health brands, enriching its content while remaining true to its mission of empowerment and self-confidence.


With ValueYourNetwork, Perpignan's influencers and brands have a strategic partner for developing authentic, high-impact local influencer campaigns. Whether you're looking to boost the visibility of a brand or support community initiatives, ValueYourNetwork offers the tools and expertise needed to create successful and meaningful collaborations.


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