Discover a list of influencers to follow in Rennes. From famous youtubers like LeBouseuh and Théa, to talented content creators like Valouzz & Pidi and Les Inachevés, this list offers you a glimpse of the influential scene in Rennes. 

Whether you're a Rennes resident looking for new creative talent or a marketing professional, this list is a great starting point for discovering local innovators.

We have compiled a list of influencers to discover in the city of Rennes. Among them is LeBouseuh, a famous youtuber Rennes, with 3.94 million subscribers on Youtube and is a member of Team Crouton. Théa, a content creator from Rennes, is also present with 532,000 subscribers on Youtube. And we can't forget Valouzz & Pidi, a couple of Rennes-based youtubers who are also part of Team Crouton.

Other personalities such as Dobby, a member of Team Crouton with 604,000 subscribers on Youtube and 253,000 subscribers on Twitch, and Les Inachevés, a duo of brothers making pranks and hidden cameras with 1.61 million subscribers on Youtube, are also to be discovered.

In addition, influencers such as Mad Dog, Stizo_Romain, Suzanna.demaeyer, Soleilnocturne__, Lespetitsglobestrotteurs, Clemdetrem, and Jodie La Petite Frenchie each bring their own unique style and content to the influential Rennes scene.

Whether you're a Rennes resident looking for new designers to follow, or a marketing professional wanting to learn more about local influencers, this list is a great starting point for discovering the range of talented designers Rennes has to offer.


Rennes-based YouTuber LeBouseuh has made a name for himself in the digital entertainment world, with over 3.94 million subscribers. A member of Team Crouton, he stands out for his versatility, alternating between gaming, vlogs, challenges and pranks. His channel is a mix of humorous and interactive content that attracts a wide audience. His authentic approach and spontaneous humor have helped him build a loyal community. In addition to YouTube, LeBouseuh is active on Twitch and Instagram, where he shares more personal moments, demonstrating his ability to create a strong bond with his fans.


Théa, with 532,000 subscribers on YouTube, is a content creator from Rennes who shares her daily life, her travels and her culinary experiences. Her videos, appreciated for their authenticity and production quality, make her a source of inspiration for a young audience. She stands out for her ability to communicate and establish a real connection with her audience, offering a sincere glimpse into her life, passions and adventures. Théa embodies a new generation of content creators, where authenticity and creativity are paramount.

Valouzz & Pidi

Valouzz and Pidi, two youtubers from Rennes and members of Team Crouton, have made a name for themselves thanks to their entertaining and original content. Their YouTube channel, which attracts many subscribers, is a space for entertaining videos that reflect their complicity and creativity. They are known for their ability to captivate and entertain audiences with a variety of formats, from humorous vlogs to creative challenges. Their unique approach to digital content has set them apart in the French Youtubers.


A member of Team Crouton, Dobby has made a name for himself in the gaming world, with 604,000 subscribers on YouTube and 253,000 on Twitch. His channel is dedicated primarily to gaming, offering gameplay videos, game analyses and discussions on the video game industry. Passionate about video games, Dobby conveys his passion through dynamic and informative content, captivating his audience and establishing his place as an influential video game content creator.

The Unfinished

This duo of brothers from Rennes, known for their pranks and hidden cameras, has won over a large audience with 1.61 million subscribers on YouTube. Their sense of humor and original ideas are reflected in surprising and hilarious videos. Les Inachevés are renowned for their ability to create entertaining content that pushes the limits of creativity, making them a benchmark for pranks and humor on YouTube.

Jodie La Petite Frenchie 

Jodie La Petite Frenchie, influencing 485,000 followers on Instagram, shares her love for fashion, travel and beauty. She stands out for her unique style and commitment to her community. Her content, which mixes fashion tips, travel advice and beauty tutorials, has helped her forge a strong identity on the Rennes influencer scene, inspiring a wide audience with her authentic, stylish approach.


TikTokeur from Brittany, Clemdetrem has gained popularity thanks to his fashion-focused content. His partnerships with renowned brands enable him to share his passion for fashion with his community on TikTok. Known for his unique style and creativity, he has established himself as an influential figure in the world of digital fashion, attracting an audience seduced by his style advice and innovative ideas.


With over 201,000 subscribers on Twitch, Stizo_Romain stands out for his talent in video games and his charisma on streaming platforms. He regularly delivers quality content, combining entertainment and interactivity. His ability to engage his community through captivating gaming sessions and dynamic discussions positions him as a streamer of choice for video game enthusiasts.


Suzanna.demaeyer, a popular Rennes-based influencer on TikTok with over 331,000 subscribers, stands out for her entertaining videos and unique expression. She has created a dynamic space where she shares various aspects of her life, from fashion tips to personal anecdotes. Her ability to connect with her audience in an authentic and entertaining way makes her an influential figure among young people, inspiring her subscribers with her originality and sincere approach to digital content.


With 1.3 million subscribers on TikTok, Soleilnocturne__ is an influencer from Rennes who stands out for her unique style and captivating videos. Her content, a mix of fashion tips, humorous sketches and real-life moments, has won over a wide audience. Renowned for her boldness and positivity, she brightens up her followers' daily lives with her creative and positive content, earning her a place among the region's most followed influencers.


Rennes is home to many talented content creators, influencers and youtubers who stand out for their creativity, authenticity and ability to entertain their audiences. Whether in gaming, travel, fashion or current affairs, these Rennes-based influencers have made their mark in the world of influence and continue to make their mark.
Whether you're looking for entertainment, travel tips or news, Rennes' content creators offer a variety of content to suit your interests. Discover and support these local talents in their creative evolution.

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