Today, we're immersing ourselves in the dynamism of Marseille to spotlight 10 of the city's most dynamic businesses. influencers who shape trends and inspire thousands, if not millions, of followers around the world.

Marseille, a city bathed in sunshine and history, is also a melting pot of influence and creativity, where charismatic personalities emerge to redefine the codes of their field. These influencers, true ambassadors of their art, their passion and their city, invite us to discover Marseille in a new light, through the prism of their distinct and fascinating universes.

From haute couture and music to lifestyle, reality TV and cinema, these five personalities embody the diversity and dynamism of Marseille. They share not only moments from their daily lives, but also their unique vision of the world, influencing the behaviors and choices of many people.

Follow us on this journey to the heart of Marseille to discover who these influencers are, and how they are helping to make Marseille an epicenter of influence in France and beyond.

Jacquemus, the little prince of fashion

Simon Porte Jacquemus, better known as Jacquemus, is an iconic fashion figure who has revolutionized the haute couture landscape with his eponymous label. Launched in 2009, his brand reflects a unique aesthetic that blends minimalism and innovation, inspired by his childhood in the Provence region. Her collections captivate with their bold simplicity and avant-garde details, earning her global recognition and a community of nearly 6 million followers on Instagram. Her commitment to fashion transcends ephemeral trends to celebrate culture and luxury in their purest form.

Carla Moreau, the light of Marseille

Carla Moreau, from reality TV to designer of content lifestyle, shares her daily life and passions with over 3 million followers on Instagram. Her career in Les Marseillais South Africa and her transition to social networks demonstrate his ability to captivate and influence a wide audience. His collaborations with brands such as Shein and Foly Fring bear witness to her influence in the fashion and lifestyle spheres, where she continues to shine with her authenticity and dynamism.

Manue Cureau, La bombe de provence

Revealed to the general public in "Les Marseillais en Thaïlande", Emmanuelle Cureau, or Manue, has since built up a community of 667,000 followers on Instagram. Dividing her time between Paris and Marseilles, she reveals polished looks and moments from her life in the old port. Manue embodies this modern, assertive femininity, and her publications are a source of inspiration for those looking to combine trend and character.

Benjamin Samat, the rising star of fashion and lifestyle

Benjamin Samat, known for his high-profile appearances on various reality TV shows, has used his fame to launch his OZMOA clothing brand, becoming a benchmark for men looking for style and originality. With more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram, he shares his daily life, tips and fashion advice, making him a key lifestyle influencer in Marseille.

Doris Blancpin, L'Élégance marseillaise

Doris Blancpin is an emblematic figure of elegance in Marseille. Through her blog "Doris Knows Fashion", she has captivated a wide audience by sharing her passion for fashion, decoration, travel and her discoveries. Her Instagram account is a veritable trend book where she stages her daily life with meticulous aestheticism, often accompanied by a Mediterranean backdrop. Doris embodies the modern woman who juggles different passions while remaining true to her elegant, uncluttered style.

SCH, the rapper with an inimitable style

SCH, the undeniably talented rapper from Marseilles, has not only made a name for himself in the music industry with landmark collaborations, but has also established himself as a fashion icon. His unique style and couture looks, shared with his 2 million followers on Instagram, defy rapper stereotypes and inspire a new generation to express their individuality without limits.

Jessica Errero, the committed and inspiring actress

Jessica Errero, transitioning from reality TV to an acting career, shares her experiences, travels and vision of beauty with over a million followers. Her journey illustrates her ability to reinvent herself and positively influence her community, by sharing her good tips and collaborating with brands focused on well-being and beauty.

EnModeMel, The traveling mom

Mélanie, known under the pseudonym "EnModeMel", is a blogger who brilliantly combines accessible fashion and family adventures. With 133,000 followers on Instagram, she invites you to follow her escapades in the south of France, capturing the essence of Marseille and its surroundings through vivid, colorful shots. Whether it's a stroll through the Vallon des Auffes or a trip from Marseille airport, Mélanie shares her daily life as a traveling mom with sincerity and style.

Elo_ditcequelleveut, the distinguished mother

Elodie, through her "Elo_ditcequelleveut" account, is the perfect embodiment of the modern, stylish mom. A web editor and public relations specialist, she shares her lifestyle and fashion universe with her followers. Proud of her home town of Marseille, she showcases her style on the streets of the city, offering her followers inspiring daily looks and charming family getaways.

Ken Quer, the men's fashion influencer

Ken Quer, revealed in "La Villa des Cœurs Brisés", has established himself as a male reference in the world of fashion in Marseille. His Instagram account is a real guide for men who want to take care of their appearance while keeping a casual touch. Between sports sessions and strolls through the city's emblematic landmarks, such as the MUCEM and La Major Cathedral, Ken shows that it's possible to combine sportiness and fashion.

Each of these Marseilles-based influencers makes a unique contribution to the influencer marketing landscape, highlighting the diversity and richness of the city. Their ability to engage and inspire their respective audiences makes them invaluable partners for brands wishing to anchor themselves in Marseille's cultural and trendy dynamic.

At the end of this journey through Marseille and its emblematic figures of influence, it's clear that this city never ceases to nurture and inspire talent from diverse backgrounds. Each in their own way, Jacquemus, Carla Moreau, Benjamin Samat, SCH and Jessica Errero have captured the essence of Marseille, transforming it into an inexhaustible source of inspiration for their respective communities. They embody the cultural richness, dynamism and authenticity of the Phocaean city, each contributing to its influence far beyond its borders.

Their impact goes far beyond simple posts on social networks; they shape trends, influence choices and lifestyles, and bear witness to the power of the influencer marketing when carried by authentic, passionate voices. Marseille, with its history, culture and energy, offers fertile ground for the emergence of these influential personalities, proving that influence is also a question of context, environment and personal history.

Through their careers and their work, these influencers perfectly illustrate how a city's identity can be expressed and magnified through individuals whose voices resonate far beyond their local communities. They demonstrate the importance of remaining true to one's roots while opening up to the world, a balance that Marseille, a port open to the Mediterranean, has always embodied.

Through their stories, we understand that true influence lies in the ability to connect, share and inspire authentically. Marseille, with its influencers, reminds us that behind every publication, every fashion collection, every piece of music or every role played, there is a story, a heritage and a passion that resonates with a global audience. They are living proof that influence is not just about numbers, but above all about heart, authenticity and sharing.

In conclusion, Marseille is confirmed as an epicenter of influence, where the sun, sea and wind seem to blow an unparalleled creative energy. These five personalities are just the tip of the iceberg, representing a vibrant community of influencers who continue to put Marseille on the map of the digital world. Their success is a testament to the power of authenticity and passion, universal values that find a particular echo in the soul of the Phocaean city.


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