Discover the top 10 influencers French Facebook in 2023. Find out why influencer marketing on Facebook remains relevant and how to find influencers on this platform.

It seems that Facebook has long since fallen out of fashion. To hear him tell it, the world's largest social network is no longer a top priority for marketers when planning their next influencer marketing campaigns. And perhaps that's a mistake: if we take a closer look at the user figures, we conclude that influencer marketing on Facebook still isn't dead in 2023.

Therefore, let's take a look at the top 10 influencers on Facebook so you can start the new year with plenty of insider knowledge. Facebook's popularity caused the network's downfall long ago. It's not that the platform lost its users. Rather, because Facebook had become so popular with young people and teenagers, their parents also wanted to know why everything revolved around the site. In turn, this led many Millennials and GenZers to sign up for Instagram and TikTok.

Why is influencer marketing on Facebook still relevant in 2023?

Despite constant changes in the social networking landscape and the emergence of new platforms, influencer marketing on Facebook remains a relevant strategy in 2023. While some marketers may think that Facebook is out of fashion, it's important to consider user numbers to understand why this platform is still an effective choice for influencer marketing.

With a user base of 2.19 billion daily, Facebook still boasts an impressive number of active users. Although this user base may be older compared to other platforms, it represents an important target audience for many brands. Facebook users are often adults interested in professional or educational content, making it an ideal platform for promoting products or services related to these fields.

What's more, Facebook offers a variety of attractive advertising formats that can be used for influencer marketing. From video ads to sponsored posts, brands have plenty of options for collaborating with influencers on Facebook and reaching their target audience in an authentic, engaging way.

Top 10 French Facebook influencers in 2023


David Guetta - 48 million followers

Karim Benzema - 45 million followers

Nicocapone - 5.6 million followers

Cyprien - 4.3 million followers

Soprano - 4.2 million followers

Mister V - 3.9 million followers

Squeezie - 2.3 million followers

Séan GARNIER - 1.9 million followers

HerveCuisine - 1.4 million followers

Enjoy Phoenix (Marie Lopez) - 1.2 million followers

OrelSan - 1.2 million followers

Tibo InShape - 980,000 followers

Natoo - 870,000 followers

Caroline Receveur - 592,000 followers

Jessica Thivenin Garcia - 540 399 followers

FastGoodCuisine - 500,000 followers

Sananas - 250,000 followers


Who are the best-known influencers on the platform?

The best-known influencers on the Facebook platform are celebrities and public figures who have a large fan base and actively use the social network to interact with their audience. These influencers include stars from the worlds of sport, music, film and entertainment. youtubers popular.

Some of the best-known celebrities who are also major influencers on Facebook are Karim Benzema, David Guetta, Orelsan and Soprano. These world-famous personalities use Facebook to share moments from their professional and personal lives, as well as to promote products and partnerships.

In addition to celebrities, there are also popular influencers in other fields such as fashion, beauty, cooking, travel and fitness. These influencers are often experts in their field, sharing tips, tricks, tutorials and recommendations with their audience on Facebook.

Facebook's user base is older

One of the reasons why influencer marketing on Facebook is still relevant in 2023 is the composition of its user base. Unlike other platforms popular with young people, Facebook has an older user base. This means that Facebook users are often adults, professionals or people with specific interests.

This feature of Facebook's user base offers a unique opportunity for brands to promote products or services related to professional or educational fields. Facebook influencers can share business advice, career tips, book recommendations or other content of specific interest to this older audience.

For brands that want to reach a more mature, engaged audience, influencer marketing on Facebook can be a effective strategy. Influencers on this platform have persuasive power with an audience that values expertise and recommendations based on real-life experience.

The content has a professional or educational orientation

Due to the composition of Facebook's user base, content on this platform often has a more professional or educational focus. Facebook influencers are often experts in their field and use this platform to share advice, knowledge and relevant information.

Facebook influencers can share business tips, marketing strategies, technical tutorials, career management advice and much more. This type of content is particularly appealing to Facebook users who are interested in personal development and professional.

By collaborating with influencers on Facebook, brands can promote their products or services in an authentic and useful way. Influencers can highlight the benefits and features of a product, share customer testimonials or give advice on how to use a specific service.

2.25 billion daily users

With a daily user base of 2.25 billion, Facebook remains one of the world's most popular and frequented social networks. This means that brands have an incredible opportunity to reach a large and diverse audience through influencer marketing on this platform.

When a brand collaborates with a influencer on Facebook, it can potentially reach millions of people through publications, stories, videos and sponsored ads. Facebook's massive reach offers brands increased visibility and helps raise awareness of their products or services.

What's more, Facebook users are often active and engaged on the platform. They regularly interact with content, leave comments, share posts and actively follow influencers they like. This means that opportunities for connection and engagement are high for brands using influencer marketing on Facebook.

The variety of advertising formats continues to make Facebook an attractive platform

Another major advantage of influencer marketing on Facebook is the variety of advertising formats available on the platform. From video ads to sponsored posts, stories and instant ads, brands have plenty of options for promoting their products or services in creative and captivating ways.

Video ads on Facebook offer brands the opportunity to tell an engaging story or present a product from different angles. Videos can be short and punchy, or longer to delve deeper into a particular topic. Video ads can run before, during or after influencer videos, captivating an already engaged audience.

Sponsored publications allow brands to collaborate directly with influencers on blog posts, product reviews or travel recommendations. These publications can retain the influencer's authentic tone while promoting the brand's products or services in a subtle way.

Facebook stories offer an immersive, ephemeral experience that allows brands to share engaging content with an attentive audience. Instant ads also enable brands to promote their products or services directly in users' conversations, offering a non-intrusive advertising experience.

With so many options for creating engaging and relevant ads, Facebook remains an interesting platform for influencer marketing in 2023.

How do I find influencers on Facebook?

Finding influencers on Facebook can seem like a challenge, but with the right techniques and tools, it's possible to find the people best suited to your brand and target audience.

First of all, it's essential to define the search criteria relevant to your business. This can include factors such as your brand's specific niche, geographic location, number of followers and engagement of potential influencers. Once you have a clear idea of what you're looking for, you can start using the search tools available to find influencers on Facebook.

Our influencer search tools at ValueYourNetwork can help you find influencers on Facebook based on the criteria you define. Our tools provide valuable information on influencers' past performance, engagement, audience and content, enabling you to make informed decisions when selecting collaboration partners.

In addition to influencer search tools, it's also useful to follow relevant groups and pages on Facebook. These communities can be a great way to discover potential new influencers and build relationships with them.

These influencers, along with other personalities, brands and experts in various fields, contribute to the continued relevance of influencer marketing on Facebook in 2023. With their influence and ability to engage a massive audience, these influencers offer brands unique opportunities to promote their products or services and reach their target audience effectively.

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