All influencers can offer unique advantages for campaigns in influencer marketing.

Firstly, they have a local audience which is generally made up of people living in Belgium or with interests in common with Belgium. This enables brands to effectively target their audience. In addition, influencers can offer a better understanding of local culture and trends, which can help brands tailor their message in a more authentic and relevant way.

There are many different profiles of Belgian influencers, from fashion to food, beauty and travel. Belgium is a country where the influence of Belgian influencers on social networks is increasingly present. According to a study carried out in 2021, one Belgian in three has bought a product following the promotion of an influencer. influencer on social networks. 

So who are the most influential Belgian influencers these days?

If you're looking for inspiration for your next shopping spree or just for fun, don't hesitate to explore Belgian talent on social networks.


Gaelle Garcia Diaz @gaellegd

Gaelle Garcia Diaz, better known as @gaellegd on social networks, is a renowned Belgian influencer. A former professional poker player, she quickly made her mark on social networks as a lifestyle, beauty and fashion influencer. With over a million followers on Instagram, she has become one of the most popular figures in the Belgian influencer community. Gaelle stands out for her rock'n'roll style and bite, which have earned her a large following and popularity with her community. She regularly shares beauty tips, fashion tricks and moments from her private life on her Instagram account, building a bond of trust with her followers.
In addition to her activity as an influencer, Gaelle has also launched her own make-up brandand two ready-to-wear lines, making her an accomplished businesswoman. She also inspires women to follow their passion and embark on professional projects that are close to their hearts.
Gaelle Garcia Diaz is a key Belgian influencer who has made a name for herself in the world of social networking thanks to her unique style, striking personality and strong online presence. She is a role model for women seeking inspiration and professional development.

Céline schraepen @celineschh

Céline Schraepen, from Limbourg in Belgium, quickly attracted attention on social networks thanks to her beauty tips and dreamy physique. She managed to create a buzz thanks to her very nude publications, which have been seen all over the world. She has over 600K followers on Instagram, with an average of around 2K likes per publication and around 20 comments per post.

With her fashion and beauty tips, ultra-sexy posts and luxurious trips to the world's most beautiful hotels, Céline has managed to create a real business around her Instagram presence. Brands are snapping her up for sponsored ad campaigns, and even her wedding was sponsored. She's become a true influencer, and her success means she's showered with gifts of all kinds.


Van daelen @aurelievandaelen

Aurélie Van Daelen is a content creator who focuses on the values she wishes to convey. She advocates authenticity and staying true to oneself, which is reflected in the many contracts she has signed with prestigious brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Tommy Jeans, Nike, Dior, Givenchy and Vogue magazine. Her Instagram account now boasts over 900k followers, with an average of 7k likes and 70 comments per publication.


Jill @silentjill

Jill, also known as @silentjill, is a talented television host who hosts two YouTube channelsJill and Silent Jill. On her first channel, she shares her daily life as a mother and young woman, giving advice and sharing her experiences with humor. On her second channel, she films her paranormal experiences, scary stories and mysterious anecdotes. Her first channel, Jill, is followed by over 300,000 subscribers, while her second channel, Silent Jill, has over 400,000 followers. What's more, her Instagram account is followed by over 500,000 followers. Thanks to her talent and captivating personality, Jill has become a popular influencer on social networks.


Lufy @lufyyyy

Lufy, also known as @lufyyyy, is an influential young woman in the world of beauty and lifestyle. She has enjoyed resounding success with her overflowing good humor and practical advice on make-up, beauty, healthy lifestyle and more. Her wry sense of humor adds a unique touch to her content, winning her a large French-speaking audience.

In addition to its presence on social networks, Lufy also has a channel YouTube she shares with her boyfriend. Their on-screen chemistry is touching and funny, perfectly reflecting their complicity off camera. Thanks to her quality content and engaging personality, Lufy has become a popular influencer in the world of beauty and lifestyle.

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Chloé Kitembo @chloekitembo

Chloé Kitembo, also known as @chloekitembo, is a talented young Belgian fashion designer. She appeared on the TV show "Les Reines du Shopping ", which enabled her to make a name for herself with a wider audience. Her Instagram account is filled with photos of her outfits, her life, her tips and good addresses, inspiring women to follow fashion trends. In addition to her Instagram presence, Chloé also has a YouTube channel on which she does vlogs, beauty tutorials and outfit reviews. She shares an array of tips, outfits, make-up and other trends to discover. Thanks to her quality content and passion for fashion, Chloé has become a popular Belgian influencer in the fashion world.


Enzo Voort @enzovoort9

Enzo Voort, also known as @enzovoort9, is a Belgian TV and media personality. He developed a talk-show format called "Le Talk chaud" during confinement, in which he revisits celebrity news. He also hosted a show on Fun Radio Belgium, with his wife Lufy, in which he developed the concept of "pranks" (jokes). In addition to his TV shows, Enzo also shares his daily life on his joint YouTube channel with Lufy. He shares videos of their life as a couple, work on their house and preparations for their wedding. His YouTube channel is followed by over 300,000 subscribers and his Instagram account is followed by almost 300,000 followers. With his talent in both media and private life, Enzo has become a popular personality in Belgium.


Milky Ways Blue Eyes @milkywaysblueyes

Claire, known as Milky Ways Blue Eyes @milkywaysblueyes, is a Belgian fashion and travel influencer. She started her blog to share her passion for fashion and travel, and details her outfits via her "Mon Dressing" category. She has also developed her YouTube channel under the same name, where she gives style tips, talks about her daily life and her travel tips. With over 50,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 250,000 followers on her Instagram account, Claire is a key Belgian influencer in these fields.


Maliciadorable @maliciadorable

Malicia, known as Maliciadorable @maliciadorable is a Belgian influencer known for her humorous style on TikTok. She regularly publishes videos with her partner Salva, and they have been active on YouTube, but are mainly active on TikTok. On her own or with Salva, she doesn't hesitate to parody popular formats on different networks to entertain her community. With over 3 million subscribers on her TikTok account and more than 300,000 followers on her Instagram account, Malicia is a key Belgian influencer on these social networks.


Anne Sophie Deckers @annesophiedeckers

Anne Sophie Deckers, known as @annesophiedeckers, is a Belgian influencer. fashionista. She regularly shares her good tips and elegantly dressed photos of herself on Instagram. She is a true example of style and elegance for Belgians. It's highly recommended to check out her Instagram account for inspiration. Anne Sophie Deckers is an essential Belgian lifestyle influencer.


Belgian influencers therefore play an important role in the commercial influence of young people. The Belgian trade federation revealed that 85% of Belgians aged 16 to 24 follow at least one influencer on social networks. Among them, 56% also followed brands following a recommendation from influencers.

Belgian influencers often have a loyal and engaged community. They have generally built up a relationship of trust with their audience, which can help brands generate higher conversions when collaborating with them.

Finally, Belgian influencers can offer more affordable rates than international influencers, which can be advantageous for brands with smaller budgets. It therefore makes sense for brands to consider Belgian influencers for their next marketing campaign. influencer marketing campaign.


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