Could you introduce yourself in a few lines so that our community can get to know you better? 

My name is Maguelonne, I'm a Sophrologist-Life Coach living just outside Montpellier, a city I adore! I'm the happy mother of two loulous.

Curious about everything, I'm always on the lookout for new things: discovering a new address, a new designer, a good deal, an inspiring person.
It was to share what drives me that I created "Les chroniques de Myrtille" in 2011. A lifestyle blog, for kids, with a touch of ecology, a place for sharing and meeting new people. Passionate about personal development and travels, I share on my blog my everyday tips for a gentler life full of beautiful things. This space has enabled me to develop a business as a web content creator.

Date of creation of your activity on the social networks as a lifestyle and kids influencer?

I'd say around 2015 for instagram and 2011 for Facebook I'm also present on Pinterest since its creation and on twitter

What triggered you and why did you embark on your social networking adventure with instagram?

On Instagram, I love the beauty of the photos you can find, as well as the format. The fact that a photo illustrates a discovery, a mood, a rant; I find this network visually very inspiring.

How much time do you spend on your articles or videos? Production, editing...? Do you have any organizational tips for others? influencers lifestyle and kids?

I spend about two to three hours on an article, between text, layout and photos. I'd say it's important to really share that it's better to publish less but better than the opposite.

What a community and audience are you targeting?

Women between the ages of 25 and 50

What was your strategy for developing your Instagram community?

I listen to myself so I don't really have a strategy, I know that to increase my community I would have to publish more regularly. However, I prefer to publish when I feel like it

How do you manage your time, between your family, your work and your social networks? Do you have a job or other activity besides your work as a lifestyle and kids influencer?

Yes I am a sophrologist life coach. You can follow my work at @lyf_center on Instagram.

On a day-to-day basis, I juggle Les chroniques de Myrtille, my sophro activity and children, friends and so on. To juggle everything, I tend to get up early, practice meditation to develop my concentration and don't hesitate to take time for myself.

During the week, when the children are at school, I work, taking few breaks during the day. At weekends, I try to be as available as possible for them, my friends and my family. Sometimes I go back to work in the early evening.

Do you produce your own visuals and photos? And if so, what equipment do you use?

I have a Nikon D700, but I take most of my photos with my Iphone 11 pro.

What are your 3 tips for someone just starting out on Instagram?

Be sincere, regular and show your personality.

What would you like to undertake or develop next in your life as a lifestyle and kids influencer?

I'd like to develop travel, family weekends, sports and leisure activities, and continue everything to do with culture and gastronomy.

What do you think makes a successful collaboration proposal?

It's a collaboration in which I've enjoyed myself and the partner is satisfied.

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