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SVR Laboratory

Laboratoire SVR is a French company specializing in dermatological skincare, founded by Simone and Robert Véret. Visit brand is dedicated to developing innovative products for sensitive and fragile skin, emphasizing the importance of skin health for self-esteem and emotional well-being. SVR's formulations are recognized for their richness in active ingredients and their innovative character, aiming to restore users' confidence while providing them with a pleasure to use.

SVR's philosophy is rooted in the belief that dermatology contributes to enhancing the beauty and well-being of individuals, and the brand is committed to accompanying users on a daily basis to help them feel good about themselves. The SVR product range offers solutions for a variety of skin concerns, reflecting the brand's commitment to dermatological research and development.

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Promo Code Laboratoire SVR Diane Perreau
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Diane Perreau

Diane Perreau is a influencer on the French social networksShe has an impressive following, particularly on Instagram, where she has over 337,000 followers. She is known for her funny, spontaneous and globe-trotting style, which inspires many followers to dare and adopt an authentic approach to fashion.

In addition to her influence on social networks, Diane Perreau is also an entrepreneur. She recently launched her own brand called "Jaspe By DianeP". The project was revealed while she was in New York and highlighted on her Instagram page. The Jaspe brand offers a mini-collection comprising two pieces of clothing, namely a top and a skirt, designed to be versatile, comfortable and suitable for different body shapes. Diane collaborated with another professional for the styling and pattern-making of this collection, highlighting her commitment to quality and local production, since the collection is made in France. She has also launched an ultra-limited silk collection, created from fabrics salvaged from French haute couture shows, adding a unique touch of luxury to her brand.

Diane Perreau continues to share her adventures, whether in fashion or travel, with her community online, while exploring new avenues in fashion and entrepreneurship. Her bold, creative approach, combined with her authenticity and engaging interaction with her audience, makes her a notable figure of influence in the online fashion space.

Use the promotional code Laboratoire SVR de Diane Perreau at the time of purchase.

Promo Code Laboratoire SVR Diane Perreau
-30% with code "DIANE30".