Could you introduce yourself in a few lines so that our community can get to know you better? How would you define your style/universe as a Digital Mum and Fashion influencer?

My name is Mary-Astrid, and I've been blogging since January 2013! When I started out, the blog was about my daily life as a model, that was my job. Since then, it hasn't been, and it's taken a new turn more centered around my passion for photography in general. I keep it as a diary of my real life, and today I'm Mom, my new passion! I don't like to be pigeonholed into a particular category, because in reality I do everything!

When did you start your social networking activity as a Digital Mum and Fashion influencer?

January 2013

What triggered you and why did you embark on your social networking adventure with instagram?

When I was a model, it was, in my opinion, one of the best tools for communicating my news! I oscillated between blogging and Instagram to share my life.

How much time do you spend on your articles or videos? Production, editing...? Do you have any organizational tips for other Digital Mum and Fashion influencers?

I can't even begin to quantify it, because I'm constantly working on it, every chance I get!

What community and audience are you targeting?

20-35 year-olds, especially women, and now Moms, who also love fashion and travel!

Where do you find most of your inspiration? And which social networks do you use most?

I like Pinterest and Instagram, I wander a lot between the two networks. They work very well together, in my opinion. But I also get a lot of inspiration from magazines and, above all, from travelling!

How do you manage your time, between family, work and social networks?  Do you have a job or activity other than your work as a Digital Mum and Fashion influencer?

At the moment I'm working at 80%, which means I can dedicate one day a week to this activity! But I also blog quite a bit between noon and midday, taking advantage of my lunch break to get away from it all thanks to blogging!

On the side, I'm head food editor for a major French retailer! And I still occasionally do some modeling, when the occasion arises!

Do you produce your own visuals and photos? And if so, what equipment do you use?

Yes, and my husband! A Canon and an iPhone!

What advice would you give to other influencers in the community?

You have to do what you do with passion and be true to yourself, otherwise you'll feel it very quickly.

What would you like to undertake or develop next in your life as an influencer? Digital Mum and Fashion ?

I'd love to have the opportunity to produce more and more content, ideally for well-targeted brands! It's slowly starting to happen and I love it!


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