Car influencer marketing campaign: OuiCar


Car influencer marketing campaign: OuiCar



Vincent Saint Martin, Marketing Director, OuiCar: "Value Your Network has helped us gain vitality and has been a good branding complement to traditional acquisition channels."


The objectives

YesCarthe private car rental service launched a competitions to stimulate your community and recruit new memberswith two other automotive partners: Zenpark (parking space sharing service) and The game consisted of a quick car quiz with 3 questions related to the car. earn 10 full tanks of petrol, 400 euros for parking, 500 euros for car parts.

The goal for YesCar was make the game known to as many people as possible beyond its own community, to generate game participants and leads.

The operation was particularly interesting because the target of influencers ValueYourNetwork has a strong affinity with service YesCar that lets you supplement your income or save money by renting your car on OuiCar.


The system set up with #ValueYourNetwork

A ValueYourNetwork campaign on #OuiCar #auto

  • Proposed networks : Facebook, Twitter
  • Proposed target : #Innovation #BonsPlans
  • Message: "The quiz #auto from #OuiCar takes care of your car and lets you win prizes for your #voiture "



Hundreds of car influencers, with a focus on cars and good deals relayed the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. This created word of mouth about the OuiCar Quiz on the social networks and generated numerous participations and leads beyond the existing OuiCar community.

On the other hand, a special operation was set up to give the 3 best car influencers a €15 voucher for a car rental with OuiCar. This enabled recreate a mini-event around the campaign after it has been broadcast, and to motivate influencers even more about the campaign.


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