Could you introduce yourself in a few lines so that our community can get to know you better? How would you define your style/universe?

My name is Eva Senzacqua (exactly like the name of my blog:, I'm 25 years old and come from Lyon. I travel a lot and that's one of the main reasons why I decided to launch my blog. I don't have a well-defined style! I sometimes surprise myself when I select certain articles, and I often find it hard to choose an item just because it's "trendy".

When was your blog created?

December 2015!

What triggered you and why did you get involved in the blogging adventure?

It's an adventure I'd been wanting to embark on for months, years even, I'd say. I was aware that I needed a little time to feed my blog, and my situation, I admit, allowed me to get into blogging. Often, after one of my trips, my "friends" on Facebook So I thought a blog would be the best way to sum it all up in a single space, and make it easier for everyone to access.

How much time do you spend on your articles or youtube videos? Directing, editing...? Do you have any organizational tips for other bloggers and youtubers?

The time spent on articles really depends on my motivation, my desires and what I have to say. When you embark on the "blogging adventure", you have to realize that you're on your own, but at the same time, you have to be present on the web!

Publications must be regular and respected so as not to be quickly "forgotten". But I grant you that there are times when the urge is more or less present. Having a blog means being connected all the time: evenings, weekends and even vacations, when you'd like to take a little more time off than usual, but it's hard to do. Still, it's getting harder and harder to get away from it all, and it's fascinating.

Which community are you targeting?

I didn't know exactly who I was going to target when I embarked on this adventure, but statistics show that my biggest target is women, aged between 25 and 35.

Where do you find most of your inspiration? And which social networks do you use most?

Instagram is still definitely the most inspiring social network and the one I use the most. I can't live without it!

How do you manage your time, between family, work, social networking and blogging?  

I'm often asked if I don't have a problem revealing my personal life, on the social networksBut my answer is always the same: "You only show what you want to show". When I do a fashion show, for example, I'll show the best moments, but what snapchat or instagram doesn't say is that behind this event, I waited 7 hours doing nothing before the show...

My husband takes the photos, so I'm dependent on his schedule too. It's not always easy to manage, since we don't always feel like shooting a look at the weekend... But over the past year, we've managed to find a nice balance! We make a good duo, I think. 

Did one collaboration/partnership stand out for you more than others? And if so, which one?

Every new collaboration makes me the happiest in the world, so I can't answer that question.

What would you like to undertake or develop next?

I let myself be guided by life to avoid disappointment.

Do you produce your own visuals and photos? And if so, what equipment do you use?

The photos of the looks are taken by my husband, as mentioned above. As for the instagram photos, so the travel or food articles, I take them myself and always with my Canon EOS 100 D and a lot with my smartphone, especially to feed instagram, it's easier. I don't use any retouching software because it doesn't really interest me. Having done a bit of modeling, I ended up with retouching that obviously traumatized me... I don't want to hear any more about it.

What advice would you give to other influencers in the community?

Regular presence, once again! You have to be constantly feeding, active and close to your community.

And what would you say is your main secret to success?

That's a very good question! JOKER, I have no idea. Ah yes, maybe I'm not cheating. If I said above that I only show what I want, I'm showing reality. When I shoot a look, it's really what I wear every day, even if some might find it hard to imagine that I'm still perched on heels! But I am!

What do you think of Value Your Network? Do you have any specific comments you'd like us to improve?

I was thinking it might be interesting to organize some partnerships with products. A brand-blogger exchange in addition to campaigns, to act as an intermediary between the two.

Could you send me a few photos that sum up your world? And comment on them if you wish?

- Iceland's oldest swimming pool. When I travel, I try to find slightly original addresses, even if it means getting really cold... I visit the must-see places and above all, I try to immerse myself in the culture of a country or a city.
- The same goes for food addresses! I'm always on the lookout for a little-known address, whether in Lyon or abroad. I go from fast food to Michelin-starred restaurants! 
- An image taken from a very personal article, because I'm constantly being asked questions about my personal life, and blogging allows me to answer them and "clear my head" too.
- Short, heeled, layered, it's all me! 
Many thanks to beautiful Eva! 
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