EMV has become indispensable in the influencer marketing industry, helping to quantify the impact of promotional strategies on online platforms.

Earned Media Value (EMV) plays an essential role in influencer marketing. It's an accurate, objective measure of the value generated by consumer content and interactions on social media. By assessing the promotional impact of mentions and shares, this tool enables marketing professionals to make informed decisions and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns. Find out how EMV has become indispensable in the influencer marketing industry, and how it enables tangible quantification of the impact of promotional strategies on online platforms.

What is Earned Media Value (EMV)?

Earned Media Value (EMV) is a measurement that assesses the value of earned media generated by advertising campaigns. influence campaigns marketing. It's a sophisticated method that takes into account factors such as reach, engagement and media credibility. This makes it possible to quantify the return on investment (ROI) of influencer campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness.

EMV definition

EMV is a metric that assigns a monetary value to the earned media generated by a given product. influencer marketing campaign. It measures campaign performance by evaluating the visibility and engagement achieved, and converting this into a monetary value. This monetary value represents the estimated cost a company would have incurred to obtain the same visibility and engagement through paid media.

How is it measured?

MVE is measured using sophisticated algorithms that analyze the performance of earned media generated by an influencer campaign. These algorithms take into account various data, such as the number of views, shares, mentions, and interactions on social media, as well as the reach and engagement of press articles or blog posts.

Importance of EMV in Influence Marketing

MVE is a crucial element in influencer marketing, as it enables the effectiveness of campaigns to be measured, resources to be optimized and investments to be justified. By assessing the value of earned media, MVE enables brands to make informed decisions and maximize ROI. It also provides an objective measure for comparing the performance of different campaigns, and for selecting the most appropriate ones. best strategies to achieve our objectives.

The different types of Earned Media Value

Print media

Print media plays an essential role in generating earned media. Press articles, interviews and product or service reviews can have a significant impact on brand awareness. EMV makes it possible to quantify the value of these earned media and assess their impact on consumer perception.

Television and radio

Television and radio appearances are also forms of earned media that can have a strong impact on marketing influence. Since these media are often broadcast to a wide audience, their value can be very high. MVE makes it possible to measure this value precisely, and to assess the effectiveness of campaigns that have benefited from these media.

Social media

Social media is an essential communication channel for campaigns. influencer marketing. Likes, comments and shares on social networks can generate significant visibility and engagement. MVE makes it possible to quantify this visibility and engagement by assigning a monetary value to media earned on social media.

Blogs and news sites

Blogs and news sites are earned media that have gained in importance in recent years. Blog posts and expert publications can have a significant impact on consumer perception and brand reputation. EMV enables us to measure the value of these earned media and assess their contribution to the success of an influencer campaign.

The benefits of EMV in influencer marketing

Increased credibility

MVE quantifies the value of earned media, reinforcing its credibility in the eyes of consumers. By showing that a brand has been mentioned in reputable media, MVE boosts consumer confidence and can lead new customers to turn to that brand.

Extended scope

By measuring the reach of earned media, EMV helps to understand the impact of an influencer marketing campaign and identify the most effective communication channels. This enables brands to maximize their visibility and reach a wide audience, which can lead to increased sales and brand awareness.


MVE compares the value of earned media with the cost of an influencer campaign. This enables brands to optimize the allocation of their resources and invest in the most profitable communication channels. By maximizing the value of earned media, brands can achieve higher ROI and increase profitability.

Improved brand awareness

MVE enables the impact of earned media on brand awareness to be assessed. By identifying the most effective media for generating visibility and engagement, brands can direct their efforts towards the most relevant communication channels. This can lead to increased brand awareness and a better market position.

EMV as a performance measurement tool

Comparison with other metrics

MVE provides an objective and accurate measure of the impact of earned media. Compared with other metrics such as number of impressions or interactions, MVE offers a more in-depth assessment of the value of earned media. This enables brands to make informed decisions and optimize their influencer marketing strategies.

Evaluating the impact of influencer campaigns

By measuring MVE, brands can assess the impact of their influencer campaigns and determine whether they have achieved their objectives. MVE quantifies the engagement, visibility and credibility of earned media, enabling brands to understand the effectiveness of their campaigns and make any necessary adjustments.

Tracking return on investment (ROI)

EMV allows you to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your influencer marketing campaigns. By assessing the value of media earned against costs incurred, brands can determine whether their campaigns have been profitable. This enables them to optimize resource allocation and maximize ROI.

The best strategies for increasing Earned Media Value

Collaboration with relevant influencers

Collaboration with influencers relevant is a effective strategy to increase EMV. By working with influencers whose audience is aligned with the brand's target audience, high-value earned media can be generated. Influencers can recommend and promote the brand's products or services, which can lead to a significant increase in MVE.

Creating quality content

Creating quality content is key to increasing MVE. By producing interesting, informative and engaging content, brands can attract media attention and generate valuable earned media. Quality content can also encourage consumers to share and recommend the brand, which can increase MVE.

Optimizing press relations

Optimizing press relations is an effective strategy for increasing MVE. By building strong relationships with journalists and the media, brands can secure valuable press mentions and articles. This can reinforce brand credibility and increase EMV.

Development of media partnerships

Developing media partnerships is another effective strategy for increasing MVE. By working with reputable media, brands can generate valuable earned media and increase their credibility. Media partnerships can also give brands access to new audiences and reach a wider public.

Case studies: EMV success stories in influencer marketing

Example 1: Influence campaign with fashion bloggers

Luxury clothing brand Lacoste collaborated with popular fashion bloggers to promote its new collection. The bloggers published articles, photos and videos highlighting the brand's products. Thanks to this influencer campaign, the brand managed to generate thousands of mentions and shares on social media, leading to a significant increase in MVE.

Example 2: Using social media to promote an event

Paris Games Week, the world's leading video game event, used social media as its main communication channel. By publishing attractive content and encouraging visitor engagement, the company succeeded in generating significant reach and engagement. This increased the event's MVE and maximized its impact.

Example 3: Partnership with a renowned media outlet

L'Oréal has partnered with a leading media company to promote its products. The media published a detailed article on the brand, highlighting its products and values. Thanks to this partnership, the brand benefited from high visibility and strong engagement. This considerably increased its EMV and brand awareness.

Limits and challenges of MVE in influencer marketing

Difficulty in accurately measuring impact

While MVE is a valuable metric, it's important to note that it can be difficult to accurately measure the impact of earned media. Some measures, such as credibility and impact on consumer perception, can be subjective and difficult to quantify. It is therefore essential to use MVE in conjunction with other metrics to obtain a more complete assessment of the effectiveness of influencer campaigns.

Problems of false impressions and erroneous values

MVE can also be affected by issues such as false impressions and erroneous values. For example, a mention in a well-known medium may have a higher value than one in a lesser-known medium, even if the latter reaches a more relevant audience. It is therefore important to take into account the context and relevance of the media when evaluating MVE.

Inconsistencies in EMV calculation methods

It should also be noted that there may be inconsistencies in the methods used to calculate MVE. Each company and each analysis tool may have its own calculation method, which can lead to significant differences in results. It is therefore important to understand the calculation methods used and to compare them appropriately in order to obtain an accurate MVE assessment.

Tools and platforms for monitoring and analyzing EMV

Media monitoring tools

There are many media monitoring tools available to track and analyze earned media. These tools automatically collect mentions and press articles in traditional and online media, enabling brands to measure the MVE of their influencer campaigns.

Social media analysis platforms

Social media analytics platforms measure the engagement and reach of earned media on social networks. These platforms provide detailed data on likes, comments, retweets, shares and other interactions, making it possible to quantify social media MVE.

EMV assessment services

There are also services that specialize in evaluating MVE. These services use sophisticated algorithms to assess the value of earned media and provide detailed reports on the MVE of influencer campaigns. These reports help brands to understand the effectiveness of their influence strategies and make informed decisions.


Earned Media Value (EMV) is an indispensable tool in influencer marketing. It enables the value of earned media to be measured and the effectiveness of influencer campaigns to be evaluated. By using EMV, brands can maximize their return on investment, reinforce their credibility, extend their reach and improve their brand awareness. While there are limitations and challenges in using MVE, by understanding these limitations and using appropriate tools and platforms, brands can achieve accurate MVE evaluation of their influencer campaigns.

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