All collaborations Influencers and swimwear brands are becoming increasingly common. In fact, working with well-known and recognized influencers with a captive community helps the brand to develop their image and brand awareness. It's an exchange of good will between the influencer and the brand. Both gain in visibility and brand awareness!

Inspired by our favorite influencers and items, influencer collaborations are designed to be chic, trendy and above all wearable. With trends that change every season, the bikinis of these influencer collaborations are always innovative. The styles of each of the influencers are elegant and sexy with a content creation This top-of-the-range swimsuit has been designed to appeal to the modern woman looking for a swimsuit that can keep up with her active, adventurous lifestyle. This collaboration with several influencers of support, each reflecting the brand's vision and passion, which we present below.

For this beautiful collaboration, fashion influencer Estelle presents her bikini swimsuit by NUN Lingeries.

Influencer collaborations and bikini swimwear

collaboration influencer Estelle fashion


This summer, with little sunshine this year, to discover NUN Lingeries bikini swimsuits like this one, worn very well by fashion influencer Christelle!

Influencer collaborations and bikini swimwear

collaboration fashion influencer christelle maillot bain bikini


Following our collaboration with NUN Lingeries, fashion influencer Audrey presents another bikini swimsuit available in their boutique!

Influencer collaborations and bikini swimwear

fashion influencer collaboration Audrey bikini

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