New blog on the horizon or lacking inspiration? Because it's not always easy to maintain a daily routine rich in productivity, here are our "25 article suggestions" which we hope will save the day a little in such cases.

  • Give your community advice on organization, motivation or any other subject you feel strongly about.
  • Share your resolutions or new goals. But also your objectives already achieved and the reasons for this success.
  • Talk about the blog design tools you use frequently.
  • Share your day in photos, such as "one photo per hour throughout the day", a bit like a photographic vlog. Or your week on instagram for example.
  • Share your favorite accounts and blogs or those that inspire you on various social networks.
  • Share your various routines: makeup, fashion, beauty, food, sports, activities... in the form of "a day on my plate", "your morning and evening routine", "your current sports program"...
  • Share your favorite, everyday phone applications.
  • Present your musical playlists of the moment.
  • Show what's behind your blog: your home, office or work studio, like a "room tour" for example.
  • Share your tips for feeling good and better in your life: what you've implemented or changed and share your experience on various topics/themes.
  • Talk about your favorite everyday places, or places you've visited on a trip or weekend.
  • Talk about your favorite and essential items, and don't hesitate to surf on current themes like "if your house burns down, what do you absolutely take with you"? Your subscribers will be happy to learn a little more about you.
  • Talk about your experience as a blogger: your desire to start a blog, the triggers and tips for getting started, believing in it and not giving up.
  • Create a variety of tutorials or useful DIYs on subjects you're familiar with or that you like, which can help your subscribers, and don't hesitate to ask them what themes they'd like to discover: like decorating, nail art, hairstyling.
  • Showcase your essentials: objects, beauty, cooking, fashion, etc.
  • Share your daily recipes: gourmet, healthy or other.
  • Share your current inspirations, what inspires and motivates you.
  • Talk about your current books, series and films.
  • Talk about your favorite or life-changing book that you'd recommend.
  • Talk about your personal evolution and experience.
  • Share your photography tips and the equipment you use.
  • Share your latest purchases / finds: in the form of "Hauls", for example, which are very much in vogue at the moment.
  • Introduce your unique quirks or passions that make everyone laugh.
  • Report on your "finished products": satisfied or not, and why?
  • Create a FAQ: answer your subscribers' questions.

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