Could you introduce yourself in a few lines so that our community can get to know you better? How would you define your style/universe as a travel and extreme sports influencer?

My name is Adrien ANNE, I'm a pro skateboarder and I travel all over the world for competitions or just for fun.

I don't feel like a influencer travel and extreme sports but brands contact me to promote their products and I don't mind as long as it's not for something that smells good in the toilet or an energy drink (yes, you can be in extreme sports and still drink water 😆).

I'm having trouble getting a feed Instagram really recognizable because I mix photos and videos, on videos I don't yet take the time to incorporate a thumbnail image, but I'm sure I will.

After that, my world represents my lifestyle. Of course, it's instagram, so we only show the best, but it defines me pretty well.

When did you start your social networking activity as a travel and extreme sports influencer?

I opened my Instagram account in December 2011.

Like I said, I don't really call myself an influencer, even though I'm aware that I influence people, otherwise brands wouldn't contact me.

What triggered you and why did you embark on your social networking adventure with instagram?

I told them I wasn't interested, but they said they already had a client for me and convinced me.

How much time do you spend on your articles or videos? Production, editing...? Do you have any organizational tips for other travel and extreme sports influencers?

On my contentI can spend 2 minutes like my last photo or hours like some videos.

Unfortunately I don't have any advice to give in this area, I'm not a very organized person 😂 

What community and audience are you targeting?

I don't have any particular target, I just want to share my love of travel and extreme sports.

My account is an enthusiast's account, not a business.

Where do you find most of your inspiration? And which social networks do you use most?

I get my inspiration from traveling, meeting new people and my girlfriend, who has a very interesting way of looking at things.

I only use Instagram because everything I need is on it.

How do you manage your time, between your family, your work and your social networks? Do you have a job or an activity other than your work as a travel and extreme sports influencer?

So yes, Instagram does take up a lot of my time and I spend so much time on it that I've become an expert in the field.

That's why I'm opening my company next month in community management, coaching and Instagram training.

I'm going to combine passion and work as I've always done!

Do you produce your own visuals and photos? And if so, what equipment do you use?

Yes, so I mostly use my Panasonic LUMIX GH5 and then Final Cut Pro X for videos and Lightroom for photos 🙂

What advice would you give to other influencers in the community?

To be themselves and stop trying to please everyone.

What would you like to undertake or develop next in your life as a travel and extreme sports influencer?

I'd like to open my eyes to important things that are rotting the world like plastic use, deforestation, fast fashion, water lobbyists banning drinking fountains by forcing municipalities to control water at crazy prices etc....


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