Visuals for a influencer have a key role to play in understanding the impact of our posts on instagram. They need to share information and appeal to readers to make them want to engage with your instagram influencer account.

Today, ValueYourNetwork has decided to give you the 5 rules to help you choose quality visuals for your articles and posts on instagram.

Use color on Instagram

An image needs to capture attention, and for that to happen, the image needs to contain color, because that's what will draw your reader in. This way, he'll appropriate your message through an illustration. This is why the use of color images is ideal for influencing visitors' visual memory.
What's more, a colorful visual immediately catches the eye when it appears in the news feed on social networks, your reader will be picked up directly.


Avoid image banks as much as possible

Image banks are a good way of finding pretty illustrations for your blog, but it's not uncommon to find the same images posted online on numerous sites. While such an image may make a good impression, it won't necessarily add value to your site or your readers.
Stand out from the crowd by avoiding the basic photo that can be found on every blog and propose your own visual. Create one in line with your style, so that it's immediately recognized by your readers, and spreads your image to your target audience.


Your image must be in line with the subject of your Instagram feed.

On a par with your title and content text, your image must also have a link to the subject. So avoid shock images or from a film, designed to attract clicks at all costs. Especially if your content is serious! Leave the fun visuals and other gifs for Tumblr or humorous articles.
What's more, you won't find any real interest in getting people to click who aren't in your target audience. It won't do you any good - they'll leave your page immediately.


Avoid a heavy image

An image that's too heavy will slow down the loading of your page, so some visitors won't take the time to wait for your page to load, and the leave directly. Too heavy an image therefore has negative effects.
For a web illustration, choose a format.jpga resolution of 72 dpi and less than 100 kb.


Call in a professional for your visuals

Sometimes you'll need to call in the professionals, because you really can't neglect the impact of your visuals on your content. They are highly attractive and can help your articles and pages achieve their objectives.
A professional will be able to create unique illustrations in line with your subject and the style of your site. The right colors for the right subject, the right format... He'll design a suitable layout for you.


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