With the advent of YouTubeInstagram and TikTokSocial networks offer a unique opportunity for people of all ages to share their passion, expertise and lifestyle with a global audience.

With this in mind, we've selected 15 of our own. influencers who have taken advantage of this opportunity to inspire, entertain and inform their audiences. These senior influencers prove that age is no barrier to sharing their talent and inspiration with the world.

Whether in the field of fashion, cooking, health, beauty or travel, these 15 senior influencers have succeeded in creating an engaged community around their content. They show that age is no barrier to living life to the full, pursuing one's passions and realizing one's dreams.
In this selection, you'll discover inspiring personalities such as Shirley Curry, the grandmother who plays Skyrim, or Lyn Slater, the 67-year-old fashion icon. These senior influencers are proof that talent knows no age, and that life can be full of new adventures and discoveries at any point in our lives.

Discover our selection of 15 senior influencers who are causing a stir on social networks, proving that talent and inspiration have no age: talent has no age!

1. Iris Apfel: fashion and design icon

Iris Apfel, over 100 years old, is a true legend in the world of fashion and design. This senior influencer enthusiastically shares her inimitable style and boundless creativity on social networks, inspiring generations of fashionistas.

2. Philippe Dumas: the elegant model and actor

Philippe Dumas, French model and actor, is a influencer senior who has won the hearts of many subscribers with his charm and elegance. His atypical background and wisdom make him a source of inspiration for Internet users of all ages.

3. Baddie Winkle: the nonconformist with extravagant outfits

Baddie Winkle, a senior American influencer, is known for her colorful, extravagant outfits. She advocates joie de vivre and non-conformism, showing that there's no age limit to daring and asserting yourself.

4. Studio Danielle: the multi-talented artist

Danielle Duboise, known as Studio Danielle, is a French senior influencer who shares her love of art, decoration and fashion. With her unique style and bubbly personality, she captivates thousands of followers on social networks.

5. Eliane Sophia Sidi: yogi and wellness teacher

Eliane Sophia Sidi is a senior influencer specializing in yoga and well-being. She generously shares her knowledge and experience to help Internet users find balance and serenity in their daily lives.

6. Fiftyyearsofawoman: the woman with 50 years' experience

Fiftyyearsofawoman is a French senior influencer who shares her thoughts on life, well-being and beauty. With her sound advice and experience, she helps her subscribers achieve their full potential through the different stages of life.

7. Günther Krabbenhöft: German elegance

Günther Krabbenhöft is a German senior influencer who captivates with his refined style and natural presence. He shares his fashion tips and inspirations on social networks, demonstrating that elegance is timeless.

8. Janachete_13: passionate about fashion and beauty

Janachete_13, a French senior influencer, is truly passionate about fashion and beauty. She shares her tips and advice for staying beautiful and elegant at any age, inspiring thousands of women to take care of themselves and cultivate their style.

9. Lyn Slater: the committed fashion blogger

Lyn Slater, also known as "Accidental Icon", is a senior influencer and committed fashion teacher. She uses her fame to raise awareness among her followers of social and environmental issues related to the fashion industry, while sharing her stylish and creative looks.

10. Lesley Maxwell: the sports and nutrition coach

Lesley Maxwell is a senior influencer specializing in fitness and nutrition. This Australian sports coach and multiple bodybuilding medal winner shares her tips and tricks for staying fit and healthy at any age.

11. Maye Musk: model and nutritionist

Maye Musk, model and nutritionist, is a multi-faceted senior influencer. Mother of the famous entrepreneur Elon Musk, she is also the muse for several fashion brands and beauty. Maye shares her nutrition tips and fashion adventures on social networks, inspiring thousands.

12. JoAni Johnson: timeless beauty

JoAni Johnson is an American senior model and influencer who has captivated the fashion world with her natural beauty and charisma. With a flourishing career at an age when many have retired, JoAni proves that beauty and talent have no age limit.

13. Dinneranddance: the queen of dance

Dinneranddance, a French senior influencer, is passionate about dance and regularly shares videos of her performances. Her contagious energy and joie de vivre make her a source of inspiration for Internet users of all ages.

14. Nicole Tonnelle: the beauty and skincare expert

Nicole Tonnelle is a French senior influencer specializing in skin care and beauty. Thanks to her tips and tricks, she helps her subscribers take care of their skin and stay radiant at any age.

15. Shirley Curry: the Skyrim grandmother

Shirley Curry is a video game influencer known by the nickname "Grandma Shirley". She was born on April 6, 1936, and became famous on YouTube thanks to her channel "Shirley Curry, the grandma who plays Skyrim", where she shares videos of her gameplay on the Skyrim video game.

In addition to her popularity on YouTube, Shirley Curry is also active on social networks and has a large community of fans who admire her for her energy and optimism. She is an inspiring example of perseverance and passion for video games, and shows that age is no barrier to pursuing one's interests and passions.


These 10 senior influencers prove that age is no barrier to creativity, talent and success. Their inspiring journeys show that it's possible to shine on social networks and get strong messages across, whatever your generation. Follow them to discover their worlds and learn from their experiences.


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