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FMR_TravelBlog - Hugo & Victoria 

Hugo and Victoria, the creators of FMR_TravelBlog, are two travel enthusiasts who have turned their love of discovery into an online career. They share travel stories, guides and tips on the most beautiful destinations, particularly in France, on their blog and on the social networks. Victoria is originally from Réunion Island, while Hugo comes from Provence. Their shared passion for travel and the freedom it brings has brought them together.

They began their adventure in 2016 on Instagram under the username @FMR_TravelBlog, where they shared fleeting moments from their travels. Their online presence has grown to include a blog where they share detailed travel guides, hotel recommendations, and stories of their experiences in various destinations. On Instagram, they have over 105K followers and have been recognized as one of the TOP10 travel bloggers in 2022.

They offer a variety of travel guides on their blog, covering regions such as Europe, the USA, South America, Africa, and Asia, among others. These guides include itineraries, activity recommendations, and accommodation suggestions.

Hugo and Victoria's journey shows a natural evolution from a shared passion for travel to a thriving online presence, enriched by well-researched content and meaningful interaction with their audience.

Top 10 instagram travel influencers France

Brunomaltor - Bruno Maltor

Bruno Maltor is an adventurer at heart, his passion for travel having been ignited at an early age when he immersed himself in studying a world map at the age of six, dreaming of visiting the capitals of every country. In 2012, he brought this passion to life by launching his travel blog "Votre Tour du Monde", which has since become his profession.

Her commitment as a travel influencer has earned her widespread recognition, with a combined follower base that exceeds 2 million on various platforms from social media like Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. He was also a Travel d'Or winner in 2021, highlighting his notable impact in the travel industry. Bruno Maltor doesn't just share his travel experiences; he also strives to adopt a responsible approach, as evidenced by his initiative to avoid using airplanes for his travels.

The diversity of its content and his ability to adapt to different social networks have helped make Bruno a leading figure among French-speaking travel bloggers, as he celebrates his blog's tenth anniversary in 20224. Bruno Maltor continues to inspire a wide audience with his authentic travel stories and eco-responsible initiatives.

Top 10 instagram travel influencers France 

BESTJOBERS - Elisa & Max

Travel influencers Elisa and Maxime are a duo of artist photographers and travelers who have been sharing their vision of the world on their travel blog since 2013. Their travel influencer account on instagram will give you a good a dose of travel inspiration!

Top 10 instagram travel influencers France

travelmehappy - Thibault and Capucine

Thibault and Capucine, the duo behind travel blog Travel Me Happy, began their blogging adventure in 2012, capturing and sharing their travel experiences around the world.

Capucine, from Charleville-Mézières in the Ardennes, started blogging about her school and family trips in high school in 2003. She then launched a lifestyle and travel blog in 2007, before creating "Travel Me Happy" with Thibault in 2012.

Travel influencers Thibault and Capucine are appreciated for their spontaneity and authenticity, offering a refreshing perspective on traveling around the world through their blog and social platforms.
Capucine has visited 45 countries. Their blogging style brings a personal and authentic touch, which attracts readers and followers on social networks.Thibault and Capucine have created a great online community around their adventures and continue to explore and share the world through "Travel Me Happy".

Top 10 instagram travel influencers France

onmetlesvoiles - Adeline, Tony and Charlie

Adeline, 30, photographer and videographer loves to travel, which makes her one of our Top Travel Influencers. On her blog and social networks, she lets you discover the best of our beautiful planet. You'll find plenty of sunsets, great landscapes and great travel tips. Her blog has won several awards at We Are Travel, including the "Hopeful Travel Blog" trophy in 2016 and the "Video and Vlog" award in 2017.

Top 10 instagram travel influencers France

leadorablee - Léa

Léa got into social networking with instagram in 2013. She comes from Val d'Isère, a ski resort in the Alps, and naturally loves wide open spaces and beautiful landscapes. Her blog is mainly travel-themed, sharing her experiences, and all her passions like reading, writing, photography while she travels at the same time!

Top 10 instagram travel influencers France

mesptitsboutsdumonde - Jessica

Jessica, a 34-year-old native of Auvergne, France, is the creator of the travel blog Mes Ptits Bouts Du Monde. She's an adventurer who loves exploring the world with a backpack. Before getting into travel blogging, she worked in children's marketing at TF1 and Disney. However, wanting to realize her dream of creating a children's travel web show, she left it all behind to embrace a nomadic life in 2015. For a year, she traveled solo across 13 countries, capturing her adventures from Southeast Asia to South America and Oceania.

On Instagram, she has 38K followers, and shares both her far-flung travels and the beauty of her native region, and over 2 million video views. She has visited over 50 countries and filmed episodes in some 15 of them. Her blog reflects a global adventure spanning a multitude of countries and cultures. As an ambassador for the Auvergne region, Jessica works mainly with travel and outdoor brands, in France and abroad.

She has built a caring community of 75,000 people across all platforms, made up mainly of women travelers.

Jessica has managed to turn her passion for travel into a thriving career, creating an engaged community around her experiences and travel tips.

Top 10 instagram travel influencers France

worldelse - Pauline & Benoit

Pauline and Benoît are the creators of the travel blog "Worldelse", a platform they launched in 2013 to share and inspire adventure lovers and wandering souls.

The "Worldelse" adventure began with Pauline and Benoît's spontaneous idea of leaving everything behind to share fragments of a 6-month journey across Asia. This journey, which they describe as the trip of a lifetime, shaped their minds, filled their hearts and laid the foundations for what "Worldelse" would become.

The blog has evolved over the years to become much more than just a blog. It's now a space where digitalization has been fully integrated, thanks in particular to social networks, but also through the creation of content for tourist offices and/or brands in the travel sector. On Instagram, they have a notable presence with 44.8K followers, where they present themselves as digital content creators, sharing moments from here and elsewhere.

Worldelse is described as a travel diary and a source of inspiration, offering a guaranteed escape through stories from around the world, but also trips that advocate adventure close to home. They are among the TOP 10 French travel influencers, and their blog is considered a travel diary that invites discovery and exploration of the world.

Pauline and Benoît's trajectory shows an undeniable passion for travel and communication, which is expressed through their various online platforms, their involvement with their community, and the collaborations in the travel sector.

Top 10 instagram travel influencers France

grainedevoyageuse - Pauline

Pauline, the creator of the "Graine de Voyageuse" blog, is a passionate traveler who likes to share her experiences through stories, photographs and videos, particularly about solo travel.

Originally from Normandy, Pauline had never left France until she was 18. It was at this age that she began traveling, taking a trip along the Adriatic coast with some young strangers. Passionate about foreign languages, she went on to study Applied Foreign Languages (LEA) and worked as an au pair in England to improve her English.

Her first solo trip was to England at the age of 19, where she discovered the pleasure of traveling alone. This was followed by an internship in Milan, and an ERASMUS semester in Brighton (UK). After her studies, Pauline started working, which enabled her to travel for three weeks in 2013. It was during this period that she began traveling alone, notably to Costa Rica, and quickly developed a passion for solo travel.

On her blog, she shares her travel stories, tips for solo travel, and her adventures around the world. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares the secrets behind her travels, with the credo "If I could do it, you can too".On Instagram, she has 17K followers and presents herself as a fan of "Slow Travel", freelancing and renovation. She shares her motto: "If I could do it, why can't you".

Pauline favors "Slow Travel" and enjoys discovering the world at her own pace, while sharing her experiences and encouraging others, especially women, to travel solo and discover the world. Pauline's background reflects her love of travel, foreign languages, and her willingness to share her experiences and inspire others to explore the world.

Top 10 instagram travel influencers France

loiseaurose - Camille 

Camille, the creator of the "L'Oiseau Rose" blog, is a passionate travel blogger who turned her love of travel into a profession after a round-the-world trip. She aspires to help others plan their own adventures and live the life they desire, filled with adventure and freedom.

Camille, originally from the Vosges region of France, discovered her passion for long-distance travel during a three-month internship in Thailand in 2009. In November 2012, Camille founded her travel blog "L'Oiseau Rose", which attracts over 100,000 visitors a month and has over 15,000 followers on Instagram. She is also active on other online platforms, such as YouTube, where she shares her travel experiences.

Her blog, "L'Oiseau Rose", chronicles her world tour and is a platform where she likes to share travel tips and photos. On Instagram, she has 19K followers and shares photos and videos of her travels. Camille is passionate about travel, adventure, discovering new cultures, and surveying grandiose landscapes. She also loves nature, wildlife, photography and seeking out new adventures around the world. She regularly shares articles on different destinations, such as discovering the Esterel massif on the Côte d'Azur, the Calanques de Piana in Corsica, and the most beautiful hikes in the Gorges du Tarn, among others.

Camille, through "L'Oiseau Rose", has created an inspiring and informative space that encourages and helps people to explore the world, experience adventure and embrace the freedom that travel can offer. Her journey shows how a passion for travel can be transformed into a fulfilling and influential online career.

Top 10 instagram travel influencers France


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