Discover our Top 10 most mentioned sportswear brands influencers in 2023. Nike, Adidas, Gymshark and more.

We explore the top 10 sportswear brands most mentioned by influencers in 2023. With the constant evolution of social media, sportswear brands are increasingly looking to collaborate with these influencers to reach a wider audience and boost their visibility. Based on data collected by ValueYourNetwork, we present the brands that dominate social networks, such as Nike, Adidas, Gymshark and many others. These brands have managed to stay at the forefront of innovation and stand out from the crowd thanks to their hard-hitting campaigns and their collaborations with world-class athletes.

Discover the sportswear brands that have won over influencers and captured the public's attention.

Top 10 most mentioned sportswear brands


118 221 882 posts on instagram


66,697,075 posts on instagram


23,541,573 posts on instagram


18,687,240 posts on instagram


15,765,925 posts on instagram


13,425,491 posts on instagram

New Balance

11,033,721 posts on instagram


3,688,985 posts on instagram


1,130,224 posts on instagram

Oceans Apart

142,848 posts on instagram

With the constant evolution of social media, sportswear brands are increasingly looking to collaborate with these influencers to reach a wider audience and boost their visibility.

The ValueYourNetwork methodology

Presentation of the study

This study, based on analysis of ValueYourNetwork data, presents the performance of brands in the sports industry (sportswear brands, sports accessories & equipment, sporting events, nutrition) worldwide. It is based on analysis of instagram social networks, TikTokFacebook profiles of influencers, and profiles that mentioned one of the 142 sports brands analyzed or used one of their brand hashtags at least once. Posts analyzed between December 2022 and December 2023 were identified through mentions and brand hashtags on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook.

Earned Media Value of sportswear brands in terms of UGC

Definition of Earned Media Value

Earned Media Value can be defined as a brand's market share or presence relative to your competitors on different channels. It serves as a metric to determine how well known and visible a brand is, in short, what its market share figuratively is. Figuratively speaking, because Earned Media Value doesn't refer to the percentage of sales, but to the percentage of discussion.

Ranking of sportswear brands in terms of Earned Media Value

According to our analysis, the sportswear brands that dominate social networks in terms of share of voice (SOS) are :

  1. Nike : 43.41%
  2. Adidas : 24.49%
  3. Vans : 8.64%
  4. Converse: 6.86%
  5. Puma: 5.79%
  6. Gymshark: 4.93%
  7. New Balance : 4.05%
  8. Lululemon: 1.35%
  9. Aloyoga: 0.42%
  10. Oceans Apart: 0.05%

Key figures in the report

Predominant content format of sportswear KOLs

According to our report, 80% of the content published by sportswear KOLs is in the form of videos. Videos have become a popular format for promoting sportswear brands due to their visual nature and ability to engage audiences.

Breakdown of content published on Instagram

On Instagram, the most popular social media platform for influencers, 50% of the content published by sportswear KOLs is in the form of posts, 15% are Stories and 35% are Reels. This demonstrates the growing use of ephemeral content features such as Stories and Reels to promote sportswear brands.

Average commitment rate for the sector

The average engagement rate for the sportswear sector is 1.6%. This means that, on average, 1.6% of people who see the content of sportswear KOLs interact with it in the form of likes, comments or shares. This engagement rate shows the impact of influencers in the sportswear sector and their ability to mobilize their audience.

Brands generating the most engagement on Instagram

The three brands generating the most engagement on Instagram are Nike, Gymshark and Adidas. This distinction is an indicator of the popularity and relevance of these brands in the world of sportswear.

About ValueYourNetwork

Introducing ValueYourNetwork

ValueYourNetwork is a data-driven Influencer Marketing platform that helps brands optimize every stage of their Influencer Marketing campaign using data and Machine Learning. Our marketing experts work with brands to identify the best influencer profiles, create and manage KOL marketing campaigns, measure results and benchmark performance against the competition.

Services offered by ValueYourNetwork

ValueYourNetwork offers a range of services to brands, including identifying the best influencer profiles, creating and managing KOL marketing campaigns, and analyzing results and performance against the competition. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligenceWe help brands maximize their impact and increase their knowledge of the influencer sector with statistics, reports on past campaigns and enriching insights.

In conclusion, the sportswear brands most mentioned by influencers in 2023 are Nike, Adidas, Gymshark, New Balance, Converse, Lululemon, Puma, Oceans Apart, Vans and Aloyoga. These brands have succeeded in establishing themselves in the sportswear industry thanks to their innovation, timeless style, collaborations with top names in the world of fashion, and their commitment to the highest standards of quality. celebrities and influencers, as well as their ability to engage audiences on social networks. ValueYourNetwork, as an Influence Marketing platform, offers insights and solutions to help brands optimize their presence in the influencer world and maximize their impact with consumers.

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