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One of the French influencers of the most popular crypto-currencies is Hasheur, also known as Owen Simonin. He has over 390,000 subscribers on Youtube and covers a wide variety of topics related to the crypto sector.
One of the distinctive features of Hasheur's videos, as well as his approach to crypto in general, is his ability to explain what are often quite complex and technical elements in a clear and simplified way. This makes him an excellent influencer for those who are new to crypto-currencies or want to better understand how they work before jumping into this sector.


The Crypto Matrix is a former crypto-currency miner, who discovered bitcoin in its early days. He has his own Youtube channel, with over 135,000 subscribers, and publishes tutorials accessible to everyone, even beginners. He is also active on Twitter (over 230,000 followers).

He is passionate about blockchain technology and the crypto world in general. He likes to explain new concepts in a simple way that makes them easy for everyone to understand.

Le Journal Du Coin - Sami

Sami, host of Le Journal Du Coin, has made a name for himself on YouTube as a crypto-currency specialist. He often deals with general topics, but his real strength comes from his well-stocked address book.

Sami regularly features interviews with leading players in the blockchain field, whether French or international projects. These interviews are an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn more about crypto-currencies.

Crypto Futur - Mattéo

Mattéo is a young French entrepreneur who has been following the world of crypto-currencies for a few years now. He developed his passion for this field at the age of 17, when he first discovered it.

Mattéo quickly became hooked on crypto-currencies and started learning about them via technical and fundamental analysis. He also looked for ways to acquire virtual currencies for free, notably via "faucets".


Mr-TK is a 30-year-old man who discovered the world of crypto-currencies in 2016, more specifically through the world of mining. He is passionate about Masternodes and staking, and presents his investments on his Youtube channel.

He first invested in bitcoins before devoting himself entirely to mining, acquiring his first ASIC miner and setting up a RIG with it. In addition to his investments, he boasts over 100 projects on his Youtube channel.

Rousseaux les Bons Tuyaux

Antoine Rousseaux is a young entrepreneur who has built up a loyal following on Youtube and other video platforms. social media. Its aim is to help its audience invest in crypto-currencies, with the ultimate goal of becoming "an annuitant. " 

Antoine is very active on Youtube with 75,800 subscribers, and this forms a large part of his work presenting and covering the crypto and financial sector. In addition, the influencer and entrepreneur also offers free guides to crypto-currencies like traditional banks on his site, as well as paid training courses.

Token Invaders

TK Mining, also known as Mr. TK, is a crypto-currency trader and analyst who has been active in the industry for over two years. He first became interested in mining, earning his first crypto-coins. He then naturally tried his hand at trading, and today has a Youtube channel with 42,000 subscribers, as well as a Twitter account.

On these social networks, Mr. TK analyzes various techniques, offerings and technologies in the crypto-currency sector, in addition to explaining basic concepts and investigating potential scams....

The Cryptomath

CryptoMath is a crypto influencer who has gained a following of over 2,300 subscribers on Telegram. He posts daily news and data from the world of crypto-currencies, and tackles topics related to bitcoin as well as altcoins depending on current events.

After becoming aware of the potential of blockchain in 2016, he started trading crypto-currencies in 2017. Initially, he wanted to educate himself and learn as much as possible about this new ecosystem. It wasn't long before he was talking about it around him until he came up with the idea of a crypto community, which then made its way onto Telegram and Twitter.

Enter the Crypto Matrix

The Crypto Matrix is a crypto influencer, known for his Youtube channel, which boasts 135,000 subscribers. He posts videos several times a week and enjoys studying bitcoin's movements. He is also active on Twitter.

As with Hasheur, his Youtube channel features numerous tutorials and explainer videos on a host of crypto-related topics, making it particularly attractive to those new to the field.


Visit YouTubeur Frenchman Sisyphus has been in the crypto world for almost two years. He first discovered it in 2017, during the historic rise of Ethereum. Since then, he's become a passionate trader and investor.

He created his channel to further educate himself on this new realm, but also to better master each area by striving to analyze and explain them to his subscribers - who currently number over 9,700. That's why it's a great option for newcomers and long-time crypto enthusiasts alike.



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