Car influencer marketing campaign: Renault


The objectives

Renault, for the launch of the Renault "Capturhas set up a large-scale event: CapturTheNight, allowing people to experience an exceptional night outin several cities.

Complementing a media plan, the aim was to get the word out about the operation on the social networks via influencers car


The system set up with #ValueYourNetwork

A influencer campaign ValueYourNetwork on #Capturthenightwith a pay-per-engagement approach, targeting the general public and the automotive industry.

  • Proposed networks : Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Suggested target market: car, lifestyle
  • Message: "Renault Captur gave 13 lucky drivers the chance to experience #CapturTheNight for a night out of the ordinary.



  • 350 car influencers relayed the campaign on their social networks, taking an active part in creating the buzz. #CapturtheNight.


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