Could you introduce yourself in a few lines so that our community can get to know you better? How would you define your style/your universe as a fashion addict influencer?

My name is Chloé, I'm 37, a nurse and the mother of 2 princesses aged 7 and 3.
I like to share my favorite fashion, beauty, places like new restaurants etc...but above all my joie de vivre, my good vibes. In my job I experience difficult situations and I like to share the fact that many things in life are not serious compared to illness and that you have to enjoy life 🌞. So let's stop grumbling because it's raining (bah yes it's autumn but long live plaids and netflix) or because it's Sunday night (I don't know the Sunday night blues ) a good piece of music, a meal, a nice movie and we think about something else.

When did you start your social networking activity as a fashion addict?

I've had my page for about 2 years now instagram. When I started out, I didn't I didn't even know the hashtags!

What triggered you and why did you decide to get involved? the social networking adventure with instagram?

It all started with my love of photography and the people around me who loved it when I shot them. I started posting photos of myself that I liked, and it took off very quickly. Right from the start, I tried to communicate my positive state of mind, especially through music in the morning, to give my community courage.

How much time do you spend on your articles or videos? Production, editing...? Do you have any organizational tips for others? influencers fashion addict?

I have to admit that for me it's a part-time job on top of my job (I works at 80 %)
I try to be organized, I have notebooks where I write down what I have to do or want to do and how much time I have to do it, as well as my ideas.

What a community and audience are you targeting?

Women between 18 and 60 are obviously more attracted to the fashion and beauty side of my page, but the lifestyle side is for everyone. I have a male community that also likes the positive messages I try to convey.

Where do you mainly find your inspiration? And which social networks do you use most?

I've been passionate about fashion/beauty/music/cinema/painting since I was a little girl. I devour news trendsI listen to music for several hours a day (often while dancing) and I follow inspiring accounts on Instagram (my main social network, the 2nd is 21 buttons).

How do you manage your time, between your family, your work and your social networks? Do you have a job or other activity besides your work as a fashion addict influencer?

Yes, I'm a nurse at 80 %. My daughters are in school so I take advantage of my days off when they are at school to take photos or make progress on posts. I admit I'm lucky to be a short sleeper (5h of sleep is enough for me ) and I follow a lot on Instagram in the evening when my daughters and sir are asleep)

Do you produce your own visuals and photos? And if so, what equipment do you use?

Half of the photos are taken by me with my cell phone (Samsung S9+) and retouched with lightroom (luminosity, contrast etc...). The other half are taken in collaboration with other photographers.

What advice would you give to other influencers in the community?

First of all, be yourself and stay yourself. There's no point in trying to be someone else or playing a role, it'll show in the end.
And my biggest piece of advice is patience, getting known takes time, you have to persevere even when you're working hard and the results aren't there, they'll come with time. Continue to provide content quality is the key.

What would you like to do next in your life as a fashion addict?

I'm thinking more and more about a blog or a channel YouTube or both. I think a 2nd social network is necessary today, especially with Instagram's algorithm, which is hurting a lot of influencers.
Let's see if I can reconcile all this with my work and my little family 🌞


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