Could you introduce yourself in a few lines so that our community can get to know you better as a Lifestyle and Travel influencer?

Hello, I'm Bee, I live near Paris.

I studied business with a view to working in purchasing and marketing.

In 2018, I set up my own natural cosmetics business, L'atelier Bee.

At the same time, I've been lucky enough to travel quite a bit, and I've recently started sharing my travels on youtube.

Date of creation of your activity on the social networks as a Lifestyle and Travel influencer?

My social networking activity really began in 2019. This is the beginning of my first partnerships.

What triggered you off and why did you embark on the social networking adventure in the first place? instagram ?

I really enjoyed my first experiences with brands and learned a lot.

So I decided to professionalize my account.

How much time do you spend on your articles or videos? Production, editing...? Do you have any organizational tips for others? influencers Lifestyle and Travel?

It can take me between 2H and 4h in total to create content. I've recently started systematically producing photo and video content. I'm my own art director, I try to come up with a precise idea of what I want, I organize the shoot and finally I choose the best content, edit it on my phone and that's it.  

What a community and audience are you targeting?

None, everyone is welcome J

Where do you find most of your inspiration? And which social networks do you use most?

My current network is Tik tok, and I spend a lot of time on it, more than on Instagram. There's a great atmosphere on this app, I love it.

I'm inspired by everything, by the people around me, people on the street, beautiful places, instagram inspires me a lot too by the way, I don't do without the recording function anymore.

What was your strategy for developing your Instagram community?


How do you manage your time, between your family, your work and your social networks? Do you have a job or an activity other than your work as a Lifestyle and Travel influencer?

I'm working on various personal projects and Instagram is a big part of what I do.

I manage my time pretty well, with social networking taking a back seat.

Do you produce your own visuals and photos? And if so, what equipment do you use?

I produce all my own content, and I'm very attached to it. Most of the time, I use my phone, it's a Samsung galaxy s8, I have a tripod for the photos I take at home.

What are your 3 tips for someone just starting out on Instagram?

I've got 1, just be yourself.

What would you like to undertake or develop next in your life as a Lifestyle and Travel influencer?

I simply want to continue to meet beautiful people and enjoy unique experiences.

What do you think makes a successful collaboration proposal?

It's nice when brands take the time to have a look at our profile, we're not just numbers 😉



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