LinkedIn is the essential platform for the B2B market. Discover the best influencers French LinkedIn and how to collaborate with them thanks to ValueYourNetwork.

LinkedIn has become an essential social networking platform for the B2B market. It is interesting to note that micro-influencers dominate the list. LinkedIn influencers play a crucial role in this network, offering unique perspectives, advice and opportunities.

What's more, it's fascinating to see that President Emmanuel Macron is the most followed French personality on this platform. Different fields such as entrepreneurship, media, civil society and sport, as well as food and lifestyle, each have their own renowned influencers on LinkedIn. For brands wishing to collaborate with these active influencers, the ValueYourNetwork agency offers an interesting partnership opportunity.

LinkedIn, the essential B2B social networking platform

Introducing LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking platform focused on the B2B market, offering professionals a space to connect, build relationships and share relevant information. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn now boasts over 760 million members worldwide, including more than 24 million in France.

With the emergence of professional social networks, LinkedIn has become an essential platform. In this digital space, certain profiles stand out for their influence and ability to impact professional trends and corporate strategies.

Among the French personalities most followed on LinkedIn are Emmanuel MacronPresident of the French Republic. His LinkedIn account has millions of subscribers, and he actively uses the platform to share information about his work and initiatives.

Top LinkedIn influencers: the B2B social networking platform

Understanding Influence on LinkedIn

What is a LinkedIn Influencer?

A influencer LinkedIn is a person who has a significant presence on the platform, often recognized for their expertise in a specific sector. These opinion leaders share content that shapes trends and influences professional decisions.

Why are Influencers Important on LinkedIn?

These personalities are essential for keeping abreast of the latest market trends, expanding your professional network and finding career opportunities.

How can you use LinkedIn influencer content to your advantage?

Maximizing Learning and Professional Development

In-depth analysis of publications Take the time to study influencers' publications carefully. Seek to understand current trends, success strategies and any failures mentioned. This can provide valuable insight into the dynamics of your industry.

Active Participation Get involved by commenting on our publications. Ask questions, share your perspectives or experiences. This interaction can not only increase your visibility, but also build professional relationships.

Practical Application Try applying the lessons and strategies shared by influencers in your own business context. Whether it's a new team management method or a productivity tool, experimentation can lead to significant improvements.

Strengthening the Professional Network

Quality Content Sharing : Share posts from influencers who resonate with you. This can not only demonstrate your commitment to your professional development, but also draw attention to your profile.

Targeted Networking Use influencers' comments as starting points for discussions with other professionals in the comments. This can open the door to meaningful connections.

Increase Visibility and Reputation

Inspired Content Creation Get inspired by influencers' ideas and create your own content. This could be articles, videos or even infographics. Make sure your content adds value to your network.

Mention and Collaborate When you create content, mention the influencers who have inspired you. This can sometimes lead to recognition or even collaboration.

Developing a Personal Brand

Alignment with Key Values Identify influencers whose values and areas of expertise match your personal brand. Following and interacting with them reinforces your own professional positioning.

Continuous Learning Stay up-to-date with the latest skills and knowledge in your field. Use influencer content as a continuous learning resource to maintain your relevance in an ever-changing marketplace.

Key figures in the network

Digital marketing pioneers

The experts in digital marketing occupy a prominent place on LinkedIn. They share tips, innovative strategies and enriching case studies. These influencers are guides for professionals seeking to optimize their online presence.

Visionaries of Technology

The technology sector is constantly evolving. Influencers in this field provide valuable insights into emerging trends, new technologies and their impact on the job market and business.

Inspiring Management Leaders

Management and leadership are central themes on LinkedIn. Thought leaders in this field share their experiences, offering practical advice to improve team management and personal development.

LinkedIn influencers in entrepreneurship

Top LinkedIn influencers: the B2B social networking platform

LinkedIn is full of influencers in the field of entrepreneurship. Among them are profiles such as Michael Aguilar, founder of the strategy consulting firm Michael Aguilar, Michel Khouryfounder of the Khoury Digital digital communications agency, Pauline Laigneauco-founder of the Gemmyo jewelry brand, Justine Hutteaufounder of recruitment consultancy ChooseYourBoss, Caroline Mignauxfounder of communications consultancy Intersec, Frédéric Mazzellafounder of the BlaBlaCar car-sharing service, and Michel-Edouard LeclercCEO of the Leclerc group.

These influencers share their knowledge and experience of entrepreneurship through articles, videos and discussions on LinkedIn, helping to share best practice and inspire other professionals.

LinkedIn influencers in the media

Top LinkedIn influencers: the B2B social networking platform

LinkedIn is also a popular platform for media influencers. Influencers in this field include Jamy Gourmauda famous presenter and popularizer of science, Laure Closiera business journalist and presenter of the "Intégrale Bourse" program on BFM Business, Antoine Perignea sports journalist specializing in rugby, and Hugo Travers, youtuber and political journalist.

These influencers share their expertise and analyses in their respective fields, helping to spread quality information on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn influencers from civil society/sport

Top LinkedIn influencers: the B2B social networking platform

LinkedIn is not limited to the fields of entrepreneurship and media. There are also influencers from civil society and sport. These include Thomas Wagnerfounder of the NGO Human Act, Arthur Auboeuffounder of the Wake up Café association, Benjamin Louisfounder of the NGO Unis-Terre, Tony EstanguetPresident of the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Jean Marc Jancovician engineer and energy transition expert, and Julia De Funèsphilosopher and business consultant.

These influencers use LinkedIn to promote their actions and share their vision of the world, helping to advance important causes and inspire change.

LinkedIn food and lifestyle influencers

Top LinkedIn influencers: the B2B social networking platform

The food and lifestyle field is also represented by influencers active on LinkedIn. They include Anne-Sophie Picfamous Michelin-starred chef and ambassador of French gastronomy, Matthieu Vincentwine expert and founder of the Vins & Spiritueux website, and Uncle Freddyan influencer specializing in cooking and gastronomy.

These influencers share their passion for food and lifestyle through recipes, tips and recommendations on LinkedIn, helping to promote healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle.

Collaboration between brands and LinkedIn influencers

Brands can leverage the popularity of influencers on LinkedIn by collaborating with them to promote their products and services. This collaboration not only reaches a wider audience, but also benefits from the influencers' credibility and influence.

The ValueYourNetwork platform facilitates this collaboration by connecting brands and influencers on LinkedIn. With ValueYourNetwork, brands can find the most relevant influencers for their industry, forge partnerships and create engaging content.

The advantages of ValueYourNetwork influencer marketing agency

ValueYourNetwork offers many features and benefits for brands wishing to collaborate with influencers on LinkedIn. The agency lets you search for influencers based on their area of expertise, skills and audience. ValueYourNetwork also provides detailed statistics on influencer engagement and the impact of collaboration campaigns.

What's more, ValueYourNetwork makes it easy to manage every stage of the collaboration, from negotiating financial terms to creating content and tracking results. This platform enables brands to save time and optimize their influencer campaigns on LinkedIn.

Using the ValueYourNetwork platform to collaborate with influencers on LinkedIn

To collaborate with influencers on LinkedIn, brands can use the ValueYourNetwork platform as follows:

Influencer research : Brands can use ValueYourNetwork's advanced search functionality to find the most relevant influencers for their industry. They can filter results according to criteria such as area of expertise, number of followers and influencer engagement.

Influencer evaluation : Once influencers have been identified, brands can view their detailed profiles on ValueYourNetwork, including information about their audience, skills, achievements and collaborations in the past. This allows you to make informed decisions about which influencers to contact.

Negotiation and collaboration : ValueYourNetwork makes it easy to negotiate financial and contractual terms with influencers. Brands can discuss the details of the partnership, including the type of content to be created, deadlines and remuneration. Once the terms have been agreed, the collaboration can begin.

Results monitoring and analysis : ValueYourNetwork provides detailed statistics on influencer engagement and the impact of collaboration campaigns. Brands can track the performance of their collaborations on LinkedIn and analyze the results obtained.

Thanks to the ValueYourNetwork platform, brands can maximize their return on investment by collaborating effectively with influencers active on LinkedIn.

Impact of LinkedIn Influencers on Careers

Networking and Business Opportunities

Following the right influencers on LinkedIn opens doors. They give you access to an extensive network, discover career opportunities and connect with professionals from different sectors.

Continuous Learning and Skills Development

Influencers often share educational content. Their publications are a valuable source for ongoing training and keeping up to date with the latest practices in your field.


In conclusion, LinkedIn is an essential B2B social networking platform, offering numerous opportunities for collaboration between brands and influencers. Using the ValueYourNetwork platform, brands can find the most relevant influencers for their industry, forge effective partnerships and create engaging content. Successful collaborations between brands and influencers on LinkedIn can boost brand awareness, increase credibility and reach a wider audience.


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