French TikTokeuses have proved to be real phenomena, captivating millions of subscribers thanks to their creativity, originality and ability to reach a diverse audience.

They embody the diversity and richness of French culture, covering a wide range of fields, from dance and fashion to entertainment and beauty. These content creators, through their innovative and engaging videos, have not only captured the hearts of their audiences, but have also influenced the way we perceive and consume social media today. In this article, we'll explore the world of these top French TikTokeuses, highlighting their backgrounds, their achievements, and what makes each of them a unique and influential figure in the digital space.

Here is the list of Top French TikTokeuse ranked by number of followers:

latiktokeuse869 (@latiktokeuse869) - 20 million followers

Latiktokeuse869, known under her pseudonym @latiktokeuse869, is a rising star of TikTok with an impressive community of 20 million followers, she ranks first in our Top French TikTokeuses. Her reputation has been built around her ability to create captivating content, often marked by a touch of humor and great creativity. Her videos, which combine dance, lip-sync and comedy sketches, have captured the hearts of a wide audience, especially young people.

Latiktokeuse's popularity is not limited to its entertaining content. Latiktokeuse869 is also appreciated for her authenticity and closeness to her community. She regularly interacts with her fans, responding to their comments and sharing moments from her daily life, which strengthens her bond with her audience.

In addition to TikTok, she has extended her influence to other social platforms such as Instagram and YouTubewhere she shares different aspects of her personality and interests. Her impact on social networks has also opened doors in the world of advertising and brand partnerships, where she is sought out for her power to influence and engage her community.

Latiktokeuse869 represents a new generation of influencers who understand the importance of authenticity and engagement in the digital world, making her an iconic figure on the social media scene.

Léa Elui Ginet (@leaelui) - 17.7 million followers

Léa Elui Ginet, better known on social networks by her pseudonym @leaelui, is a French influencer who has gained international notoriety thanks to her presence on TikTokwhere she has 17.7 million followers. Her popularity has exploded thanks to her dance videos, where she combines charm, talent and infectious energy, taking 2nd place in our Top French TikTokeuses.

Born on January 4, 2001, Léa began posting videos on TikTok (formerly in 2016. She quickly made a name for herself with her unique dance style and her ability to communicate with fans in several languages, including French, English and Italian. Her videos, often accompanied by popular music, have captivated a wide audience, enabling her to become one of the most followed TikTokeuses in France and around the world.

In addition to TikTok, Léa is also active on Instagram, where she shares more personal aspects of her life, photo shoots and collaborations with brands. Her popularity has opened up opportunities in the world of fashion and beauty, where she is often approached for partnerships with renowned brands.

Léa Elui Ginet is more than just a content creator; she has become a role model for many young people, inspiring self-confidence and perseverance. She also uses her platform to raise awareness of social causes and support charitable initiatives, showing a committed side to her personality.

Camille La Danseuse (@camille_la_danseuse) - 8.2 million followers

Camille La Danseuse is a famous model, TikTok and Instagram star from France. She has made a name for herself thanks to her numerous video appearances. She is an incredible dancer and runs a YouTube channel where she posts funny videos.

She's known for her beauty, charming smile, style and incredible personality. She's one of the hottest girls on TikTok, most famous for her humorous video clips, dance videos and playback performances on TikTok (

She's also popular for her eye-catching photos and videos on Instagram. She enjoys a huge fan following. We'll soon be seeing her in modeling sessions.

Aureltatoo (aureltattoo.officiel) - 7.6 million followers

Aureltatoo, known as aureltattoo.officiel, is a popular content creator on TikTok with 7.6 million followers. She's famous for her humorous videos, often filmed on camera in her car or in unusual locations.

Her unique style and ability to create a close bond with her audience make her particularly popular on the platform. Her videos, which combine humor and everyday situations, appeal to a wide audience, seduced by her authentic and entertaining approach.

Cassandra Cano (@canocassandra) - 3.6 million followers

Cassandra Cano, better known as @canocassandra on social networks, is a French-Mexican influencer who quickly gained popularity on TikTok and Instagram. With over 3.6 million followers on TikTok, she has become an iconic figure on these platforms.

Originally from Mexico City, she moved to France when she was just a year old, and now divides her time between Mexico and the South of France. Born on August 5, 2003, Cassandra has a passion for fashion and soccer, and is a PSG fan. She maintains a close relationship with her family, in particular with her brother Esteban Cano, who frequently appears in her videos.

Cassandra debuted on TikTok in June 2018, where she quickly gained attention for her dynamic playback and dance videos. In addition to TikTok, she has conquered Instagram with over a million followers, sharing modeling photos and her outfits, often from recognized brands such as Marc Jacobs and Shein.

Cassandra has made a name for herself for her good-humored videos on TikTok, sharing choreography, covers of movie dialogue, and everyday situations. On Instagram, she posts photos of her looks, mixing luxury and ready-to-wear pieces.

Cassandra Cano is a rising star on social networks, realizing her dreams through her online presence and partnerships with renowned brands.

Nour Benhamma (@nourbenh) - 3.5 million followers

Nour Benhamma, aka @nourbenh, is a French influencer specializing in beauty on TikTok. Launched on Instagram in 2017, she became known for her makeup tutorials, replicating celebrity looks.

With over 1.2 million subscribers on TikTok and 3.5 million followers in total, she has become a reference in the beauty world. Originally from France, Nour also shares aspects of her personal life, strengthening her bond with her community. Her ability to inspire and educate her followers makes her a rising social networking figure in the world of beauty.

Alizée ( - 4.1 million followers

Alizée, known as on social networks, is a French TikTok content creator and influencer. She has made a name for herself with her humorous videos and memes, attracting over 4.2 million fans on TikTok.

Born in France, Alizée also shares aspects of her personal life with her subscribers, notably through videos of her cat on her Instagram account, adding a personal touch to her online content. Alizée began her career as a YouTube content creator in 2019. Her first videos focused on organization and productivity, aiming to help people develop good study habits.

She quickly gained popularity on TikTok, where she is known for her humorous sketches. In November 2022, one of her sketches went viral, reaching over two million views. Her YouTube video "COMPILATION OF THE BEST TIKTOK - ALIZEE.YT" was also a big hit, with over two million views, testifying to her growing popularity on different platforms.

Alizée is a rising figure on social networks, known for her sense of humor and ability to create content that resonates with a wide audience.

Louisergtt (@louisergtt) - Nearly 2 million followers

Louise Ragot, better known by her social network handle @louisergtt, is a French influencer and content creator who has gained popularity thanks to her TikTok account. She shares a variety of content, often in the company of friends, and has accumulated over 1.9 million followers on the platform. She is also active on YouTube with her channel Louisergt.

TikTok debut: Louise launched her TikTok account in November 2016. She began making a name for herself in 2019 by posting a variety of videos, from fashion and beauty to entertainment.

Her influencer career took a major turn after the first confinement in 2020. She joined the French House, a collective of TikTokeurs based in a Paris villa, alongside the likes of Raphaël Curron and Rafael Caplan. The collective quickly became popular, reaching over 800,000 subscribers in less than a year, and even had a dedicated show on C8.

After the show aired, the members of the French House decided to go their separate ways. Louise announced the news on Instagram, expressing her sadness but also her desire to continue her career on social networks. She remains in contact with some former members, notably Ogee.

In April 2022, Louise Ragot continued her solo journey, with 1.8 million subscribers on TikTok and 403,000 followers on Instagram. She focuses on her personal projects, including her YouTube channel, while maintaining a strong and growing relationship with her community.

Rose Lucy (@roselucyy) - 2.3 million followers

Rose Lucy, known as @roselucyy on social networks, is an influencer and qualified beautician specializing in skincare and beauty. She is active on TikTok, Instagram and recently on YouTube, where she shares a variety of content, combining entertainment and professional advice.
Born on April 24, 2002 in Normandy, Rose Lucy, whose real name is Lucie, grew up in a family with two brothers and a half-sister. After secondary school, she took a CAP in aesthetics, followed by a vocational diploma in the same field.

Rose Lucy started on TikTok on January 21, 2020. During the confinement, she fully invested herself on the platform, sharing lifestyle and beauty videos, using her knowledge of aesthetics. Her naturalness and good humor enabled her to quickly build a community of 2.8 million subscribers, with videos often reaching over 100,000 views.

On Instagram, where she debuted on November 5, 2020, she shares personal photos, travel photos, and holds contests. There she shows more intimate aspects of her life to her 500,000 followers.
YouTube: Since October 10, 2021, Lucie has also been active on YouTube. Her channel, focused on beauty, skincare, tips, routines, and vlogs, has already attracted over 40,000 subscribers in just 5 months.

Lisa (@lisa.bpro) - 2.1 million followers

Lisa Baptista, known as @lisa.bpro on TikTok, is a professional make-up artist and influencer who has gained great popularity on this platform, with over a million subscribers. She's famous for her transformations into film and cartoon characters, with videos such as her make-ups of "Beauty and the Beast" or "The Joker", which have each reached 6 million views.

Lisa, 23, began working as a professional make-up artist around four years ago. After two years of training in make-up and aesthetics, she embraced this passion and turned it into a profession. Today, she works as an auto-entrepreneur, offering make-up services for various events and sharing her FX make-up creations on social networks. Her ultimate dream is to work as a make-up artist in the film industry.

Lisa chose to specialize in FX make-up, because she wanted to go beyond basic beauty make-up. Inspired by American make-up artists, she wanted to push her boundaries and do something different.

For her character make-ups, Lisa takes her inspiration from the movies, makes pencil sketches, then sets about creating them. For work with brands or specific make-ups, she concentrates more on the details required.

Lisa recognizes the importance of social networks as a springboard for artists, enabling them to make connections and gain exposure without having an established network to begin with.

Poqssi (@poqssi) - 1.6 million followers

Carla Poquin, better known under the pseudonym Poqssi, has become a real sensation on TikTok, lighting up the screens of millions of followers with her unique sense of humor and sparkling personality. Originally from Courbevoie, in the western suburbs of Paris, and having grown up in the Yonne region, Carla has captivated a wide audience with her funny and original videos.

Carla got her start on TikTok by posting videos in which she portrayed herself in various situations, using humorous "American-style" dubbing. Her original concepts, mixing everyday life with offbeat scenarios, quickly won over the hearts of Internet users. Her TikTok account, @poqssi, is packed with short but captivating videos, which have racked up millions of views.

In addition to TikTok, Carla is also active on YouTube, where she runs a vlog Lifestyle. She also has a passion for electronic music, which she shares on a second TikTok account, @djpoq6.

Before becoming the star the world knows today, Carla worked as a saleswoman at Urbaine 360, a company specializing in the sale of electric scooters. Her entertainment career has also included roles in TV productions, including the M6 group's police series "Commissariat central" and an episode of France TV's "SKAM".

The Poqssi Phenomenon On June 23, 2022, Carla reached a pinnacle by becoming the number one influencer on TikTok in France, a title that underlined her immense popularity on the platform. Her goal is ambitious: she aspires to follow in the footsteps of Charli D'Amelio, the world's most followed American influencer.

Today, with over a million followers, Poqssi is a fixture on France's social media scene. Her journey, which combines talent, determination and a natural stage presence, continues to inspire and entertain a growing audience, proving that she's much more than just an influencer - she's a creative force to be reckoned with.

Mademoiselle Imane (@mademoiselleimane) - Over 700K followers

Mademoiselle Imane is a French influencer who has captured the hearts of over 700,000 followers on TikTok. Known for her "mademoiselleimanne" account, she shines in the world of fashion, where she shares her daily outfits and tips for varying styles with the same piece of clothing. Her content, combining lipsyncs and lifestyle, enables her to establish an authentic and close relationship with her community.

Before Shining on TikTok Imane launched her journey on TikTok in June 2019. Her first publication on the platform was an innovative video in which she presented the same outfit in three different ways, immediately revealing her keen sense of fashion creativity.

Among her many successes, a video posted on June 14, 2021 particularly stands out. In it, she designed an all-black outfit, a creation that quickly captured the public's attention, accumulating over 2.6 million views. This success testifies to her talent for creating unique and captivating outfits.

Living in Paris, Imane draws inspiration from the City of Light to compose her looks. Whether it's for a long-haul flight or to win back an ex, for a baby shower or a job interview, she has a knack for finding the perfect outfit for every occasion. Her Instagram account (@mademoiselleimane) is a veritable catalog of trends, where every look is a source of inspiration.

With her unrivalled fashion sense and ability to reach a wide audience, Mademoiselle Imane is not just an influencer; she is a true style icon for her generation. Her videos on TikTok and its publications on Instagram continue to fascinate and inspire thousands, making her a key figure in the world of fashion on social networks.

Zoehtq (@zoehtq) - 492.6K followers

Zoehtq, real name Zoé Hotuqui, is a Parisian TikTok influencer who has captured the hearts of nearly 500,000 subscribers thanks to her unique and colorful universe. Passionate about fashion and make-up, she identifies herself as a fan of good vibes and a collector of vintage pieces. Her varied content, blending fashion, beauty and lifestyle moments, attracts a large audience on TikTok, where she is also present live.

Zoé Hotuqui isn't just an influencer on social networks; she's also a seamstress-modeler and vintage hunter, a talent she showcases in her work at Célia Darling, a luxury vintage boutique. Here, she brings vintage clothes back to life before they go on sale, creating bespoke pieces that are a hit with her subscribers.

Her passion for fashion is reflected in her personal style, marked by the 80s, originality, bright colors and handmade creations. On her TikTok account, Zoé enthusiastically shares her love of vintage, proposing looks inspired by the stars of the last century and humorously taking up the challenges posed by her subscribers.

At 27, Zoé Hotuqui already has a busy career. Before becoming a well-known influencer, she specialized in restoring vintage clothes and worked for almost ten years in a luxury vintage boutique. Her Instagram account, initially dedicated to vintage with anecdotes, has evolved dramatically. She made a name for herself on TikTok thanks to her ability to find unique pieces and share her fashion tips.

Today, with her dynamic videos and bubbly personality, Zoé Hotuqui, aka @zoehtq, has become a reference point for those seeking to express their individuality through fashion. Her presence on social networks is a daily source of inspiration for lovers of vintage, color and good humor. She rounds off our Top French TikTokeuses!


These French TikTokeuses are much more than just content creators on a popular platform; they have become emblematic figures of a new digital era, representing a source of inspiration, creativity and influence. Through their varied and captivating videos, they have created engaged communities, demonstrating the importance of authenticity and interaction in the digital world.

Their respective successes on TikTok testify to the diversity of talents and interests that characterize French culture, and illustrate how passion, combined with the power of social networking, can lead to remarkable achievements. These TikTokeuses continue to redefine trends, blaze new trails in the world of entertainment and fashion, and strengthen the link between the virtual and the real, proving that their influence extends far beyond their TikTok accounts.


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