Mom influencer marketing campaign: Petit Bateau 


Mom influencer marketing campaign: Petit Bateau


Rémi Villard, Petit Bateau Acquisition Manager: "ValueYourNetwork very quickly deployed a network of influencers who relayed our promotional offer on several social networks. It complements the acquisition operations carried out on the various social networks (Facebook ads, sponsored tweets)."



 The objectives

Petit Bateau, the brand of children's clothing, launched sPrivate sales exclusively on the Internet from November 4 to 7, with deep discounts of up to -50% on older collections.

The challenge for Petit Bateau was to publicize the Internet private sales event, in a very short space of time. So we needed something that would reach a lot of people in a short space of time, beyond Petit Bateau's already committed community. The private sales website also offered the possibility of subscribing to the Petit Bateau newsletter.

The brand having a very strong sympathy capitala campaign influencers was particularly well suited to complementing the other systems in place.


Set up with #ValueYourNetwork

A ValueYourNetwork influencer campaign on #PetitBateau #Venteprivée

  • Proposed networks : FacebookTwitter
  • Minimum 4,000 visits expected
  • Targeting 627 qualified influencers in the moms - kids - fashion theme
  • Brief Message: "#PetitBateau Exclu Internet Ventes Privées du 4 au 7/11, jusqu'à -50% sur les anciennes collections".



Hundreds of influencerstargeted in the fashion and children's themes relayed the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. This created word of mouth on the social networks around private sales on the Internet.

  • 183 influencer accounts 100% theme moms - kids - fashion on Facebook and Twitter
  • Reach from 500.000 fans / followers (reach level 1) (60% Facebook, 40% Twitter)
  • 6,409 validated clicks (+60%) 


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